The fact that siblings stop talking to each other is often a particularly painful circumstance. Disagreements, different personalities, disappointments ... There are many causes that can generate disagreement. Now, if it is our wish, what can we do to turn the situation around?

Achieving a stable, healthy and happy relationship is possible . In couples mediation sessions it is very common to find a series of common links that lead to discomfort and the desire for the dissolution of the couple.

He who has initiative changes his world and does not expect others to pave the way for him or lower the moon. In the end, we discover how decisive it is to dare and do things for ourselves. However ... where to start?

It is one of the great ills of our society. However, it is often confused with sadness or emotional bumps. It is misdiagnosed and treated only with psychotropic drugs. The alternative is a comprehensive treatment

When we judge ourselves we tend to be tough and demanding. This is why we often doubt our attitudes, question our decisions and find it difficult to answer the question "how do I know if I am a good person?"

Es un hecho conocido que la falta de sueño puede precipitar la manía en personas con trastorno bipolar. Incluso una noche de privación total del sueño puede desestabilizar el estado de ánimo hasta el punto en que se necesita hospitalización. ¿Por qué sucede esto y qué puedes hacer al respecto?

Imagina que estás llamando a un amigo cercano. ¿De que hablas? ¿El clima? ¿Tu celebridad favorita? ¿Esa amiga que parece no poder arreglar su vida? ¿Tu hija que se niega a hacer su tarea?

Puede parecer que las personas con rasgos elevados de Tríada Oscura no son empáticos, pero no es tan simple. En un sentido básico, la empatía sirve a las personas con rasgos más oscuros. Los rasgos oscuros pueden ser un "mal necesario", posiblemente importante para la supervivencia del grupo en momentos críticos. La empatía, al mismo tiempo que...

In love, few things are as valuable as intuition. When you are in front of that person you just met, one of the things to look at during the first date is the vibes that it transmits to you. If you feel good, happy and confident in his company, it is a good sign. If instead, the person makes you...

In order to fall asleep more quickly and soundly at night, it is possible to apply a series of techniques and adopt certain attitudes that help to relax and facilitate sleep, such as maintaining a relaxing breath, distracting the mind and relaxing the muscles.

Sometimes we don't fall because of weakness but because we were too strong. For having carried an excessive emotional weight on our shoulders. Having resisted through thick and thin. To have given too much of ourselves. Or having stoically endured what we should never have tolerated.