Not everyone who goes through a difficult time comes out stronger, wiser, or more skilled. Many are caught in the storm for quite a long time. Because resilience is not something that appears automatically, you have to know how to develop it.

ADHD, an acronym that refers to the term "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder", is a psychological phenomenon that often gives rise to controversy. In fact, many people today believe that it is a simple invention of the pharmaceutical industry, created to sell stimulant-type drugs such as methylphenidate.

Emotions hurt physically too. Above all, when we feel worries, when we are disappointed, when anxiety catches us ... Why is this phenomenon due?

Many of us have friends of a lifetime , some continue to surprise us for good and sometimes disappoint us. We are also meeting new people who we find charming and who we want to continue meeting and sharing things with them because their company is pleasant. Therefore, there are certain situations in which you really know a...

Sometimes the first impression is everything. Especially in job interviews, meetings with clients, when forming a new friendship and even when you are looking for a life partner. Therefore, it is important to know what you should do, and what not, to make a good impression.

Si te pareces en algo a mí, entonces te fascinan las mentes desviadas. Desde que tengo memoria, siempre me ha atraído el lado más oscuro de la humanidad. Quería saber por qué ciertas personas son capaces de hacer cosas terribles.

Por peculiar -o paradójico- que parezca, la respuesta de la ira es una gran pseudo-solución para casi todos los trastornos emocionales importantes. Digo "pseudo" porque los efectos positivos inmediatos de la ira son sólo temporales y esencialmente falsos.

El modelo estándar del ciclo de la respuesta sexual humana propone cuatro fases. Las primeras tres fases -excitación, meseta y orgasmo- son generalmente bien entendidas por los investigadores. Sin embargo, la fase de resolución ha sido menos estudiada y lo que sabemos sobre ella generalmente se basa en informes anecdóticos.

In love, few things are as valuable as intuition. When you are in front of that person you just met, one of the things to look at during the first date is the vibes that it transmits to you. If you feel good, happy and confident in his company, it is a good sign. If instead, the person makes you...