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Psychopathy or psychopathic personality is an antisocial personality disorder. It is characterized by an alteration of character or social behavior and does not involve any intellectual abnormality. People with psychopathy (psychopaths) are people who can commit very serious criminal acts without showing any kind of guilt.

It affects men more than women. Psychopaths usually lead an apparently normal life, although sometimes they go beyond that normality to carry out criminal acts that can reach the level of aggression and even murder.

Causes of psychopathy

There are no fully defined causes

The causes of psychopathy are not well defined although it is pointed out that there may be a genetic factor that can influence. The behavior of the parents and the environment of the patient during childhood and adolescence also seems important. Many psychopaths have grown up in an environment of little attention and little love for them. In fact, in many cases psychopathic behavior is already seen during childhood, with continuous episodes of violence towards other schoolmates.

It is also suspected that this personality disorder sometimes originates from brain damage in the frontal lobe.

Symptoms of psychopathy

Guidelines for identifying psychopaths

Psychopaths often follow a series of guidelines that allow their identification. They are cold and calculating and commit all kinds of crimes and crimes without presenting any hint of remorse. There are some symptoms that are common in this type of disease:

- They are distant and oblivious to the feelings of others.

- They have a manipulative personality.

- They do not mind crossing the line of what is right and do not follow the normal rules of coexistence.

- They are attracted to risk.

- They usually have addictive behaviors.

- They have no regrets after committing all kinds of serious crimes.

- They are cruel.

- They perfectly distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

- They do not usually have stable personal relationships.

- Your life is governed by pragmatism and feelings do not matter.

- They are not afraid of being punished for their crimes.

- Her life is apparently normal.

Diagnosis of psychopathy

Continuous observation to confirm the disease

For specialists, it is not easy to diagnose psychopathy because there are many variables and many symptoms that are also common to other mental illnesses. Simulation for criminal advantage, borderline personality disorder, or transient insanity are mental disorders with similar signs.

The doctor, in any case, must talk a lot with the patient and observe their behavior to try to diagnose the disease. This observation will be accompanied by various analyzes to determine the general state of health.

Treatment and medication of psychopathy

Guidelines for identifying psychopaths

The treatment of this disease is very complex and difficult and seeks the reintegration of the patient. You have to undergo preparation sessions to try to get to know the affective environment and learn to put yourself in the place of other people. You have to train him to develop his emotional virtues and to achieve social relationships.

It is very difficult to get a psychopath to stop violating social and legal norms. During treatment the psychopath is usually not involved in the search for her cure. Science has tried to achieve a pharmacological solution, but at this time it has still been achieved.

Prevention of psychopathy

Acting during childhood

Given the difficulty of curing this disease, the best way to try to prevent it is to intervene during childhood because it is the moment in which the personality is being created. Certain guidelines can be followed:

- Children must be observed and unmasked cases of deceit towards other children. When the child presumes that she has cheated on a friend, she must be made to see how negative her actions may have been or have been.

- You have to be very rigorous and always show respectful behavior and not break the rules. Children learn by watching their parents and must always contemplate a correct attitude.

- Teach children not to be vengeful.

- When the child hurts someone, you have to show them that they have done it wrong and that they should apologize.

- If these guidelines are repeated, it is necessary to resort to medical attention to try to tackle a problem that can be serious.

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