8 Things People Want From A Relationship video


Love has been compared to a plant: it is easy to have one but keeping it alive is an everyday effort. And although there are no universal rules for expressing thoughts of love , there are certain tips based on the experience of couples that allow you to know what things are important to maintain a healthy relationship. Small surprises such as an unexpected breakfast, messages of love or an arrangement that reminds them of wedding flowers are great details, as well as forming a team and dividing up the tasks at home, in the same way that they did to organize the B day and choose the design of wedding invitations . However, there are other things couples want to have while with the person they love. Take note!

1. Respect for individuality

Remembering that before being a couple they are individuals will help a lot to have a respectful relationship. If one of the wedding invitation phrases you chose is "you and I are one," it is a very romantic truth! Just do not forget that among the things that a person values ​​most in a relationship is that the time they dedicate to their tastes, passions and free time is not taken away, as well as respect for their way of being, thinking and acting .

2. Teamwork

All the bride and groom like to spend time together to enjoy, pamper themselves and spend pleasant and fun moments . And the same response is expected to work as a team on all issues that have to do with your relationship: from the search for original wedding favors , if you are still planning your B-day, to household chores without leave out the contribution of the expenses that are required. Everything is easier as a team!

3. Communication

It is perhaps one of the most popular advice that you will hear from family members or other more experienced couples. And it is that beyond the trite that can be read, it is totally true! Having a timely communication based on respect is of the utmost importance to avoid misunderstandings and resolve any situation that is not to your total satisfaction. Do not reserve affectionate phrases or thoughts of love for your husband , always express them!

4. Ability to be surprised

All people want their relationship to maintain a wow factor that allows them to continue discovering their partner every day and keep the spark alive. At some point, one of the two may surprise the other with small details or plans that come out of the daily routine, always recognize the effort and dedication to carry them out. In addition, to the extent that each one works to be a better person , the ability to be surprised will always be in force.

5. Equity

Equity is a topic that is changing from being a fashionable discussion to being practical, because many people look for it in their work environment but also in their relationship. Not stereotyping chores is a wish of current couples and it is up to both of them to agree on how expenses and housework will be covered. Work, rest and expressing feelings, among other things, is the right of both.

6. Future plans

There is nothing more exciting and keeping thoughts of love short in mind than having plans for the future as a couple. If you got married as you dreamed of it, you have already realized that planning brings with it an ultimate goal that makes both of you happy. What is your next step? Take a trip out of the country? Buy the house of your dreams? Saving to launch a commercial project? May there be many efforts to organize and carry it out!

7. Always be friends

Most people fell in love with their partners because they could have a conversation with them without having to look like someone they are not, or because they could express their feelings and thoughts just as they felt. Take care that this friendship is not lost and maintain the trust of your partner to talk about what happens to you in the day or what goes through your mind. Friendship is also laughing together, singing, getting wet in the rain and intensely enjoying every moment.

8. Complicity

It is comforting to have the support of the person you love to accomplish what you set out to do and what you have long dreamed of. While those wedding invitation thoughts express all the love you have, what counts the most is the actions of both of you. Share your achievements, your sadness, your dreams, your joys and even your fears, so the relationship will get stronger every day.

What else would you add? Each couple is different, hence the importance of meeting and talking. There will be those who prefer to make the decision of the design of the wedding centerpieces on their own, while others prefer to do it as a team.

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