10 Signs of Fake Nice People video


Trying to differentiate between someone who is genuinely good and someone who is pretending can be as confusing as trying to differentiate between a work of art and a well-made replica.

Have you ever had the feeling that a person you were friends with or that you were dating had a hidden agenda or was simply not very concerned about your thoughts and opinions?

They only respect those in positions of power

When it comes to respect, most would agree that everyone deserves this feeling. However, fake people have a tendency to respect only those in power. If someone you spend time with doesn't respect everyone around you, they may be pretending.

They work hard to build relationships

While genuine people don't have to make an extreme effort to grow their circle of friends, fake people can try to win the affection of others. Friendship and other types of relationships come naturally to those who are genuinely interested.

They seek attention

Although it is okay to yearn to be the center of attention from time to time, a sign of false people is that they constantly seek attention. In comparison, an authentic person probably knows when to let others shine.


Although a quick gossip and gossip session can be tempting from time to time, it is an activity that can help you spot fake people. Honest people are more willing to openly share their opinions, while fake people can keep their comments limited to a whisper.

They are quick to show off

Being proud of your accomplishments is one thing, but showing off all the time is a clear sign of a fake person. Genuine people are humble and not interested in constantly bragging.

They put others down to look good

Only those who lack real merit feel the need to criticize others to keep up appearances. Sincere individuals prefer to admire and praise others, while phonies are quick to belittle others in the name of making them look better.

They make promises that they can't keep

A genuine person will do everything they can to keep their promises and commitments, but a false person can speak without having to walk.

They are only nice if there is something for them

A sure sign of a false person is one that only shows kindness when it benefits him.

You need to watch out for these signs of fake people and make room for more meaningful and genuine relationships in your life.

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