10 Signs of Hidden Anxiety video


Currently, many people suffer from anxiety episodes. But a large percentage of them do not know what they are suffering from. What are the signs of hidden anxiety?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 13 people suffers from an anxiety disorder, being the most frequent mental disorder in the world.

Once it happened to me that, going out with someone, I noticed it as out of the moment. I came to think that I was not having a good time. Really, his impression at first glance was not that he was spending a pleasant moment, precisely.

What happens to him? I thought over and over again and based on this experience and because of the love I have for him, I spoke with a psychologist friend and according to the signs I was telling him, without hesitation he told me "hidden anxiety" .

I share some of the signs that will indicate that you are dating a person who suffers from hidden anxiety.

Signs of hidden anxiety:

  • They are always tense
  • Sweating excessively
  • Have frequent stomach problems
  • They are reactive and easily scared or distressed
  • They need a sense of control of everything that can go wrong
  • They move away or are limited to sharing in groups of friends
  • The worst case scenario is always what they imagine
  • They usually have sudden changes in moods, for no apparent reason.

According to specialist and psychotherapist Bruno Andrade, he recommends that when you are with someone who has these symptoms, do not panic. The most important thing is that you give him all the confidence and make him feel in comfort.

Stress is one of the main triggers of this mental pathology. Now do you understand why it is so important to live in harmony and give the necessary weight to happiness and peace?

A person with anxiety needs your support and patience. Everything that starts ends!

Sleeping is an act that we do every day with total ease . But for some people, sleeping becomes a difficult situation, because, during the night, their disorders surface, some of them extremely serious.

The manipulator has astonishing skill, a sophisticated, almost infallible actuation mechanism . He knows how to influence us, he knows what pieces to play, what to say and what to keep quiet to achieve full control over our emotions. Recognizing their techniques and tricks in time can save us from situations of great personal exhaustion and...

According to Harvard psychologist and author of The Sociopath Next Door , Martha Stout, one in 25 people is a sociopath . This can represent a real problem for today's society.