10 Things That Are Secretly Making You Unhappy video


What would you say unhappy people have in common?

Perhaps you think that what characterizes them is that they feel alone, or that they do not feel loved, or that they have never fallen in love ...

Or maybe you think that you are unhappy when you don't feel fulfilled or when you have financial problems.

In my opinion, from my own experience and from what I observe around me and the people I work with, unhappiness has nothing to do with not having a partner, not liking your job or not being a millionaire .

Unhappiness, and also happiness, is something much more subtle, and that depends on oneself much more than we think.

Would you like to know what unhappy people have in common?

1. They hope that their happiness comes from outside. When they have a better job, when their partner changes, when they approve of the opposition... They don't realize that the change begins within themselves, in their way of seeing, interpreting and living life. And that the outside comes as a consequence of the inside, and not the other way around.

2. They pay more attention to what doesn't work than what does. They are able to see the evil of each situation, of each person and of each moment. Pessimism in its purest form.

3. They compare themselves a lot with others and always lose out on the comparison. They are even envious that others are doing well and secretly rejoice when someone does not get what they want ... This, by the way, is a pretty clear sign that something is wrong in your life.

4. They don't value little things: a good meal, a child's smile, a Sunday stroll, a coffee with a good friend ... All that, in the end, you realize is what makes life worthwhile. the sorrow.

5. They live from the "but". "It is summer and it is good, but it is too hot ...". And a few weeks later "thank goodness that the heat has passed, but it is now too cold". Does it sound familiar to you? :-).

6. They take everything too seriously. If they miss the bus, it's horrible. If someone cancels an appointment, it is horrible. If a car overtakes them in bad manners, it is also horrible ... They need to be a little more stupid.

7. They love gossip, criticism, and complaints, and they enjoy talking about what's going wrong around them. Yes, yes, that type of person who judges everything and everyone ...

8. They distrust people and believe that the world is full of bad people with a double intention. And of course, from mistrust they can only generate mistrust. And self-fulfilling prophecy is already served.

9. They attribute everything to luck, or their bad luck. They forget that there is a lot of luck that depends on oneself and they bear all the responsibility to others ... It is like they place themselves in the role of victims, remembering everything that has not worked in their lives and without daring to take the reins and be protagonists of it.

10. They are very afraid of being wrong. Yes, very scared. And that's why they don't dare to make decisions. The problem? That they do not realize that any decision, erroneous as it may be, is better than not taking any.

11. They get pounded for each of their mistakes. Whether it's something silly, like having forgotten to buy something at the supermarket, or something more relevant, like that infidelity that made them lose the love of their life. The thing is to blame yourself.

12. No goals are set. They live in passivity, like someone who lets themselves be carried away by the tide, without facing their fears and doing nothing to overcome themselves and reach their goals ... Or, if not, the few times they set their minds to something, they instantly disperse and abandon it .

13. They want everyone to like them. They care very much about what others expect of them and about pleasing those around them. And, in that eagerness for them to love them, it's like they betray themselves all the time. Of course, they don't feel good about it.

14. They live in a constant "I have to" and "I should". They are very demanding of themselves and feel bad when they do something simply because they feel like it. Come on, very rarely do they give themselves pleasure and pleasure for their own sake.

15. They think about the past and the future much more than the present. They gloat at how horrible what happened or what they fear might happen. They don't realize that anyone can remember hard times if they look back, but why? Just as anyone can anticipate a million misfortunes, it does not take a scholar to do so. But again, what for? If the only thing that remains and that can be enjoyed is the present, here and now.

16. They do not seek or create opportunities to improve what does not satisfy them. They run away from problems, they don't get involved and they don't take risks. They live in the fantasy of something changing, but they do nothing to make it so.

17. They stay anchored in something that happened to them. Whether it is a disgrace, an abandonment or a very painful loss, they refuse to turn the page and forgive.

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