12 Emotions You Might Feel But Can't Explain video


We all have days when we feel overwhelmed by ineffable emotions, which we find very complex in explaining them, trying to define them, to name them. The more overwhelming and intense is what we feel, the more difficult it is for us to try to define it.

Designer and editor John Koenigs is responsible for creating 23 new words that he has named "The Dictionary of Dark Sorrows". Since its creation in 2009, this catalog has been dedicated to compiling a lexicon of emotions and feelings that do not yet have words to describe them and that are not included in any other dictionary.

1. Sonder
The understanding that each person has a life as intense and complex as ours.

2. Opia
The strange need to look someone in the eye, which can at the same time feel invasive and vulnerable.

3. Monachopsis
The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.

4. Énouement

The bittersweet taste of having reached the future, seeing how things have turned out, but not being able to tell ourselves what our past was like.

5. Vellichor
The strange nostalgia for old bookstores.

6. Rubatosis
The disturbing awareness of feeling our own heartbeat.

7. Kenopsia
The overwhelmingly sad atmosphere of a place that is normally full of people, but is now abandoned and quiet.

8. Mauerbauertraurigkeit
The inexplicable urge to alienate people, even close friends, who we really hold dear.

9. Jouska
A hypothetical conversation that compulsively arises over and over in your head.

10. Chrysalism
The mesmerizing tranquility of being locked up during a thunderstorm.

11. Vemödalen
The frustration of photographing something incredible when thousands of identical photos already exist.

12. Anecdoche

A conversation in which everyone talks, but no one is listening.

13. Ellipsism
That sadness of not having the ability to know how that story will end.

14. Kuebiko
A state of exhaustion inspired by senseless acts of violence.

15. Lachesism
The strange desire to be the victim of a disaster - how to survive a plane crash, or lose everything in a fire.

16. Exulansis
The tendency to give up talking about an experience because people are unable to understand it.

17. Adronitis
Frustration with the time it takes to get to know someone.

18. Rückkehrunruhe

The feeling of coming home after an immersive journey only to discover how it quickly fades from our consciousness.

19. Nodus Tollens
The understanding that the history of our life ceases to have meaning for us.

20. Onism
The frustration of being trapped in one body, which is capable of inhabiting only one place at a time.

21. Liberosis
The desire that things and situations matter less to us.

22. Altschmerz
Tiredness towards the same old problems we have always had - the same boring flaws and anxieties that have been haunting us for years.

23. Occhiolism
The awareness of how small our perspective is.

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