13 Problems Only Highly Sensitive People Will Understand video


Do you often feel guilty, even for things that others think is not important? Do you often feel responsible for the things happening around you and doubt whether you have done your best?

It is possible that you are a more sensitive person than the rest, and that this makes you more prone to having guilt feelings, but that does not have to be a negative aspect, you just have to learn to cope with it .


In the 90s, psychologists Elaine and Arthur Aron introduced the term "Highly Sensitive Person" (abbreviated as PAS) to describe a part of the population that seemed to have a more sensitive nervous system than the rest, that is, that the same stimulation arouses much more response in these people than in non-PAS.

This trait, in ancient times, had an adaptive function, since these people were able to detect signals that were overlooked by others, had a greater capacity for vigilance and knew how to better watch over the well-being of their fellow human beings.


Often, the abilities of these people have been considered a gift. However, the fact that only around 20% of the population shares these characteristics means that they can sometimes feel misunderstood and different from the rest .


The most sensitive people are not only sensitive within themselves, but also have a greater ability to capture and identify the emotions of others , which makes them highly empathetic people who quickly connect with the emotions of others.

In addition, they have a stronger intuition than the rest , which makes them anticipate things that are going to happen.


Your nervous system has lower thresholds to stimuli , which means that while a person with medium sensitivity needs a stimulus of medium magnitude to provoke a response, a highly sensitive person is able to activate the same response with a much smaller magnitude. .

Everything is lived with greater intensity , and this applies to both the good and the bad, so that they can be great friends since they will always listen to you and understand you, but in the face of negative events they also become much more concerned, and may fall apart .


As they are continually stimulated by their surroundings, they may sometimes feel overwhelmed . They have a greater propensity for emotional reactivity and overstimulation, which is why not only emotions, but also sounds and lights affect them to a greater extent.

For this reason they need from time to time to withdraw from the world and be alone, and to have a preference for situations of more tranquility and calm.

Most of them are usually rather introverted , which means that they are more activated internally, so they have less need to look for that stimulation outside.


Decision making implies being able to weigh the pros and cons regarding an issue, considering all the dimensions of the decision in order to make the most correct one. Highly sensitive people, however, will see a whole series of details and a range of subtleties in a much more complex way.

This decision process will be longer and more complicated for them. It will take much longer to decide on something thinking about what will be the most suitable option. Also, even after taking it, they may still wonder if it was the best.


Their ability to detect anything that concerns their environment makes them extremely insightful . They easily notice small signs in social situations, as well as pay more attention to the physical details of, for example, a place, giving them more importance than other people.

They know that the details are very important and they will be very perfectionist in what they do.


The fact that they feel things more intensely and have great empathy makes them easily put themselves in the place of others and constantly think about how such a person will feel .

This trait, added to their propensity to feel guilt when they are not satisfied about something they have done, will make them very careful and not skimp on manners, making them highly educated and respectful people. For this reason, others will describe them as good people who can be trusted.


Highly sensitive people will show interest in deep human issues , and tend to be highly attracted to the arts, reading, music, and beauty. Anything that carries implicit emotions will awaken curiosity for these people, who will quickly feel connected.

In addition, the amount of time they spend in solitude and everything that the environment awakens within them, makes them great philosophers who will always seek ways to grow and improve internally.


Due to their characteristics, highly sensitive people enjoy a very rich inner world , full of emotions and thoughts. This makes them very creative and have a great capacity for abstract thinking.

Elaine Aron said that many of the great artists and thinkers in history had been highly sensitive people, who wondered and inquired about things that others simply assumed without further ado.

Therefore, if we feel guilty easily and believe we meet these characteristics, we may be more sensitive than the average person, and therefore the guilt is only the side effect of tuning in more with the emotions of the the rest.

It is possible that high sensitivity makes us feel vulnerable many times , and it is that these characteristics also make us more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, but it also equips us with great skills that we can take much advantage of.

It is important to learn to protect yourself and see positively what are the qualities that make us unique.

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