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Why do I feel lonely and sad? causes of loneliness

Loneliness is a feeling that can arise in very different circumstances, as shown, for example, by the paradox of accompanied loneliness that you experience when despite having people around you, your mind and heart experience a disconnection with that close environment.

In fact, this is the main reason why you feel lonely and empty beyond circumstance; For some reason, you have disconnected from the present and need to re-align your expectations with your true goals, values ​​and hopes. There are as many stories as there are human beings. Therefore, it is very positive that you try to raise your level of introspection to find the definitive answer within you since to find a remedy for loneliness, in the first place, it is essential to identify the cause.

Why do I feel lonely and sad? In this post, we list some of the most common causes of loneliness in order to have a context view of this psychological experience:

  1. Age crisis . For example, the crisis of the 40s is accompanied by a period of reflection in which the person can experience a certain contradiction between what their dreams of the 20 years were and all the goals that have yet to be met. In turn, an age crisis is also conditioned by the awareness of the invitable passage of time, with all that this entails.
  2. An unhappy couple relationship . The feeling of loneliness can also sink its roots in the emotional distancing of a couple who is not having a good time or who has a high level of incompatibility.
  3. Personal stagnation . You feel lonely and empty when you're stuck on a professional or personal level. When you feel like your days are in the middle of a routine where you can't develop your full potential, then you feel listless.
  4. You live for others . Some people take on the role of caregiver; They constantly put the needs of others ahead of them. People who feel lonely because they don't listen to their own needs.
  5. Many superficial relationships. If you have many ties, but none deep and true to talk about your intimacy, loneliness may be the consequence of this fact since you need to express yourself and communicate.
  6. Death of a loved one . When a person loses a very close being, they can experience the anguish of being uprooted as a stage of mourning. This feeling of emptiness is more frequent when the father or mother dies.
  7. Work addiction . If your life revolves around work, then you run the risk of feeling locked in a routine that leaves no room for anything else. One of the consequences of work dependency is the loss of personal relationships and the lack of improvisation to enjoy leisure and even laziness.

What to do when you feel lonely and empty

Try to listen to that inner voice that sincerely offers you information about yourself and your state of mind. Why do you feel this way?

  • Try to write an emotional diary with thoughts, ideas and reflections that you experience from this perception of inner solitude. The word is therapeutic and allows you to put your emotional universe in order, in addition, writing provides company.
  • Imagine that you write a letter in which you tell a person of your maximum confidence what happens to you, what hurts you and why you feel this way. Try to put yourself in the real context of the situation and write the letter, it will be easier for you to identify the cause of loneliness if you are talking to a confidant.
  • Don't feed loneliness with complaining and self-pity . If you want to correct this tendency of discomfort, then, the most important thing is that you start new projects. For example, to start practicing activities that you like.
  • You feel alone and empty when there is a distance between your current situation and the ideal of life that you would like to experience, for this reason, it is recommended that you identify what that ideal is and specify what the starting point is in your life scenario. Once you have identified both points, you just have to define the action plan. This is the way to go to cover that distance that separates your current situation from the desired state.

I feel sad: steps to receive psychological support

Do you feel like you have no friends and are you alone ? If you think you need help to go through this process, then it is recommended that you request psychological support. In the context of specialized therapy, you can develop new personal resources to respond with a higher level of resilience to those situations that now make you experience loneliness. Situations to which you can give a new color from a change of attitude.

Another tool that will help you to leave behind the thought of " I feel alone " is social skills training , thanks to this training you will be able to establish new and strong interpersonal bonds .

I feel alone and empty: phrases of overcoming

To end this article, we are going to offer you the best self-improvement phrases so that you can leave behind the feeling of loneliness and emptiness:

  • Soledad, do we become friends? - Silvia Congost
  • You will never be alone if you never abandon yourself
  • Loneliness is the fate of all excellent spirits. - Schopenhauer
  • We have to live with our solitude and the destiny that drives each person to the order of things. - Cecile de France
  • Being alone is an opportunity to know yourself
  • Many people suffer from the fear of being alone, and therefore do not find themselves at all. - Roll May.

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In an increasingly interconnected world, it may seem strange that there are still people who feel lonely, but the reality is this. New technologies have made us exchange words more frequently, but the impact they have had on the quality of the emotional bonds that unite people has not been unequivocally positive.