5 Signs Of A Psychotic Disorder video


What are the main symptoms of psychosis like?

Psychosis often causes changes in mood and thinking, giving rise to strange ideas, making it difficult to understand what the affected person feels. In order to understand what the psychotic experience consists of, it is useful to classify some of the most characteristic symptoms into groups.

  • Confused thoughts : The most common thoughts become confused or lose a proper relationship with each other. Verbal expression may be difficult to understand or may lose meaning. In some cases, the patient may have trouble concentrating, following the thread of the conversation, or remembering things. Thoughts seem to speed up or slow down.
  • False beliefs: Often times, the person affected by a psychotic episode has false beliefs, known as delusions. The degree of conviction is so high that no reasoning, no matter how logical, is capable of refuting it. For example, you may be convinced that the police are watching you simply by the way the cars are parked outside your home.
  • Hallucinations: As a result of psychosis, the person can see, hear, feel or smell things that are not actually present. In this way, you can hear voices that no one else can hear, see non-existent objects, or smell or taste altered food that seems spoiled or even poisoned.
  • Affective and perceptual changes: sometimes, the way a person feels changes suddenly, without an apparent cause, making them feel strange and isolated from the world. Sudden changes in mood are frequent, and you may feel very excited or, on the contrary, depressed. Sometimes emotions seem to fade, so you may feel less than before or stop expressing your emotions to those around you.
  • Behavior changes: people with psychosis show changes in their usual behavior. In some cases they become extremely active and in others, a great lethargy ensues that causes them to do nothing all day. They may laugh at inopportune times or get angry for no apparent reason. Many times, these behavior changes are related to the symptoms that we have mentioned above. For example, if the person thinks they are in danger they can call the police, if they think they are a prophet they can spend time preaching on the street or they can stop eating if they are afraid that the food is poisoned.

Symptoms vary from person to person and in some cases, change over time.

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