5 Signs of Relationship Compatibility video


Couple relationships need, to sustain themselves, much more than love and passion. While those are two fundamental columns, they are not enough for a lasting and satisfying relationship .

Relationships between couples can be very stormy if the basis of compatibility between both partners is very different. Passion unites the two people but they fight constantly. There is no harmony because there are no common codes and interests. Each one is from a different planet.

This love / hate situation causes a lot of anguish and stress, in addition to unhappiness. Couples in this state do not know how to go on. It is the famous "Neither with you nor without you".

Each one is each kind

Each person has his own personality, his temperament and his way of being. The important thing in a couple is that the two members of the same are as compatible as possible so that coexistence is easier.

According to different psychological schools, there are different personality types. Here are some of the possible variables between two individuals:

  • Introvert vs. Outgoing
  • Solitaire vs. Sociable
  • Liabilities vs. Active
  • Theoretical vs. Practical
  • Organized vs. Disorganized

These would be, broadly speaking, the basic schemes by which personalities differ. As they are opposite, it could be thought that they complement each other and can advance in a solid relationship. But to cope with such abysses means, at least for one of the members of the couple, to bow to the wishes of the other all the time. Still, personality differences eventually wear down a relationship.

It should also be borne in mind that, despite the effort, there are personalities that are incompatible. Sadly, regardless of the love that members of a couple have, incompatible personalities cannot stay together for long periods of time without serious conflicts.

What to do and how to resolve incompatibilities

There are couples therapy and psychological studies that are recommended for people involved in stormy relationships . They require the will of both parties, effort, time and money, but it is worth determining the type of your personality and that of your partner.

If the results are unfavorable, if the couple is highly incompatible, you have to sit alone or with a therapist and see where they agree and where they don't. It is necessary to face the problems in a serious and mature way if you want to advance and build a solid couple, but it will not be easy.

One of the main goals of a couple relationship is to achieve a state of shared happiness, pleasure and well-being. When the couple constantly fights , causing suffering, it is better to end it and not continue in the dynamics of continually hurting each other.

Continuing with a relationship full of incompatibilities can upset the mental, spiritual and physical health of the members of the couple.

Ethics, Morals and Values

Other fundamental aspects for the proper functioning and affinity of the couple are the ethical, moral and moral values ​​acquired by the family, first, and social cultures of each.

"The moral value is understood as everything that leads the human being to defend and grow in his dignity as a person. Moral value leads to moral good. Let us remember that good is what improves, perfects, completes."

It is absolutely important and vital that the couple agree on their basic values on the subject of morals and values. It is essential that the couple have the same vision on these aspects.

When this is not the case, very serious conflicts will inevitably come. When there are children involved, the damage will be more noticeable since each parent will feel entitled to educate the children according to their personal values.

It is very important for the couple and the family to stop and analyze the issue of morals and values, to determine if they are the same or totally opposite. It is very important to pay attention to the actions and determine if we are able to violate our own moral code to adjust to the other, or not.

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