5 Signs to Leave a Relationship video


On occasions when the couple's experience is no longer positive, it is possible to wonder when it is better to end the relationship. Is there a more appropriate or opportune moment for this?

The feeling of having gaps, repeated discussions and doubts towards the other are some of the reasons to consider that decision.

However, when in doubt, there are some signs that can serve as alerts. We discuss them below.

If, despite having made all kinds of efforts to address the problems, the discomfort with the couple becomes a constant situation, perhaps it is time to leave.

Of course, breaking the bond is a difficult step and can cause a lot of pain to one or both parties. However, wanting to 'rescue' something that is lost over and over again ends up causing significant wear and tear and in the end the solution is usually the same: say goodbye.

But under what circumstances does this occur? The following conditions are some common signs.

1. 'Toxic' behaviors are becoming more frequent

To find out if the relationship is toxic it can be useful to analyze what the other's behaviors are or the way they both treat each other.

Has respect been lost? Does jealousy predominate? Are they trying to control themselves? If the answers to these questions are yes, then perhaps this is the time to put an end to these harmful behaviors.

Although they sometimes seem harmless, to avoid worse consequences, it is necessary to identify such toxic habits in time.

2. The feelings have changed

Although the intensity of some feelings may decrease over the years, the illusion is still a fundamental condition for progress in the relationship.

Now, if the motivation and longing for the other have disappeared, it will be difficult to miss her, be a retailer or share experiences that were previously pleasant.

Then, it is time to speak clearly and expose what happens, since continuing to advance can cause more pain to the person in love.

3. Intimacy is no longer a priority

Losing your desire for the other is also one of the signs worth stopping at.

In this case, it is a matter of observing whether, far from being a fact or a specific season, intimate encounters are absent from coexistence on a regular basis.

Both sex and other possible signs of affection are ways to connect with the couple and maintain complicity and union. If these ingredients are missing from the recipe, it may be necessary to take action.

4. The couple subtracts instead of adding: another key that indicates when it is better to end the relationship

Expectations for a relationship include growth and mutual support. But if the person with whom we are obstacles, jealous behaviors or any other behavior that prevents progress, it is likely that the possibilities of individual and joint development are diminished.

Getting out of that comfort zone becomes a complex challenge, and more so when making such a resolution involves harming someone. However, with the idea of ​​being better ahead, certain changes, such as proposing a breakup, are sometimes necessary.

5. The differences are irreparable

To project the relationship into the future it is essential that both have similar goals, dreams and values. If any of these elements varies or differs too much from those of the other member of the couple, sooner or later the problems will appear.

Sometimes these details change and everything continues to work because they both agree. However, if none of them does their part and, ultimately, each one wants a different path, why continue together?

6. Trust is damaged

Both infidelity and cheating are factors that put the relationship on a tightrope. Even if you choose to give the other a chance, often the feeling of mistrust becomes a burden that prevents you from prospering.

Although there are cases in which these difficulties are overcome, most of the time there is 'irreparable' damage to the person affected. Therefore, if the fights and suspicions end up installing themselves on a day-to-day basis, the healthiest alternative may be, then, to separate.

Given the signs that warn when it is better to end the relationship

These clues are clues that warn us that something is "regular" in love with that person next to us.

Paying attention to these conditions, as well as any other of the same nature, will help make decisions on time.

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