5 Signs Your Mental Health is Falling Apart video


Have you ever thought that maybe you are taking your life on "autopilot"? You follow the same routine everyday, meetings with friends are getting scarcer and you hardly ever leave the house. Do you feel comfortable living this way? It might seem good to you at first glance, but if you dig deeper, it turns out that this lifestyle is harmful to you. Here we show you the signs to which you should pay more attention to avoid damaging your psychological health.

1. Nothing in this world interests you.
You think there is nothing in this world that can surprise you, and you raise your eyebrows skeptically at any news. A person's age is determined not only by the numbers in their passport, but also by the ability to find something new for themselves, learn and develop. How many events in recent years have caused you great enthusiasm? If the answer is "not many," you must do something about it, urgently.
2. You don't care about your well-being or that of your home.
If you don't care about your appearance, and the last time you cleaned your house was last month, this is a clear sign of a personal crisis. The indifference towards your body and towards the environment only says that you are not doing well in life. There is a reason why people say that if you want life changes, you should start by tidying up your house. Cleaning is extremely helpful: it distracts from sad thoughts and helps you sort your priorities. Women are also advised to go to the hairdresser as a kind of therapy.
3. You hate your job.
The day has just started, and you are already counting the hours, waiting for it to end. Seeing it's only Wednesday, you despair and frantically look for a reason to leave early. Hating your job is a sure sign that something has to change.
4. You refuse to communicate.
Everyone needs personal space, but if you don't want to see or hear anyone, you avoid your friends and relatives, and you enter "incognito" mode to browse social networks, the situation is reaching extreme levels. Remember Holly, the heroine of the movie "PS Do I love you?" It was her relatives and friends who helped her out of the abyss of nostalgia and despair. Chances are, people close to you only wish you well and in one way or another will be able to help you. You never know, maybe they can give you the most valuable advice to overcome these situations.
5. Everything infuriates and bothers you.
You literally start to get mad at everything: a trash can your husband forgot to take out, your son's poor grades at school, the weather and the color of your nail polish. You easily lose patience and go from crying to raging and vice versa. A constant search for the negative in the world around us speaks of problems that you have not solved with yourself. All this will stop if you honestly admit what really worries you and eliminate this problem.
6. You have a lot of bad habits.
Another way to deal with problems is to resort to bad habits like alcohol, cigarettes, gluttony, or surfing the Internet at midnight. These habits only create the appearance that you have control over your life. In fact, they are nothing more than an attempt to hide the head even deeper in the sand.
7. You live in the past or worry excessively about the future.
You think "Things used to be better in the old days." Again and again the same pleasant memories move in your head. Or, on the contrary, you think that "tomorrow will be better" and you just have to wait a little. But this "a little" lasts for weeks, months or even years. There is nothing wrong with getting lost sometimes in your daydreams. But when you constantly try to focus on "better times", either in the past or in the future, you unconsciously try to escape the present.
8. You have no place to "recharge".
Each person has their own ways of dealing with bad moods. Some may hit a punching bag, others go hiking to a nearby park, or take a trip to the city where they grew up. But if all those places that used to fill you with energy only cause you disappointment and a feeling of moral devastation, then the crisis is evident. Therefore, more radical problem solving methods are needed. And, perhaps even the help of a specialist.
9. You took prisoner on your own phone.
Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that people who spend more than an hour a day on social media are more prone to depression. Notions about the lives of others evoke a feeling of envy, and a distorted belief that other people live brighter lives than you. This constant fixation on the phone can result in low self-esteem, nervous breakdowns and a feeling of total loneliness. Try to disconnect more often, that will really make you happier.

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