6 Reasons Why Someone Is Emotionally Distant video


Do you know someone with whom you have shared very good moments in your life but when you have decided to delve into that person's emotions , you have found an insurmountable barrier? If your answer is yes, you may be dealing with an emotionally distant person.

From the book 'The Knight in Rusty Armor' by Robert Fisher, we highlight:

"We put up barriers to protect ourselves from who we think we are. Then one day we get trapped behind the barriers and we can't get out anymore."

Personality disorders constitute approximately 30% to 40% of psychiatric illnesses in the world. The main characteristic of people who suffer from personality disorders is that their behaviors do not conform to established social canons.

Main distant personality traits

One of these disorders is that of the emotionally distant personality , a type of personality that has a hard time establishing emotional ties with others , because it is afraid of feeling vulnerable to open its emotions to other people.

Little empathetic but not introverted

People with this personality disorder tend to seem unsympathetic individuals, who like to isolate themselves socially and spend a lot of time enjoying their own solitude. However, an emotionally distant person does not have to be an introvert even though they enjoy spending a lot of time alone. And, there are emotionally distant people who have no problem when it comes to relating to others , but when they have to open up emotionally to them, that's when they decide to put up barriers so they don't have to.

A person with this type of emotionally distant personality is not born that way, but rather triggers this disorder at some specific point in his life and as a result of something that has happened in the past, such as a failed love affair, or a bad relationship. paternal-filial during childhood could be the triggers of this type of personality.

They wear great armor

The fact of having suffered a major disappointment in their life is what makes these people manufacture a kind of shell or armor so as not to suffer emotional damage again with the people with whom they interact. Therefore, an emotionally distant person will put many impediments when others try to dive into their feelings , as well as when they have to communicate their emotional state to the people around them. In short, they put on a large armor so that nothing or no one hurts them.

Keys to dealing with emotionally distant people

When we meet emotionally distant people, it may be very difficult for us to get into them due, precisely, to those barriers and shields that these types of people put up to avoid revealing their emotions to others. Some tips for dealing with this personality type are:

Use empathy

Empathy is one of the best tools to access an emotionally distant person because with it, we can get the other person to place their trust in us , and we help create a sincere connection between both.

Respect the comfort zone

Since emotionally distant people wear a great armor so as not to uncover their emotions, when entering into a relationship with her it is very important to respect her comfort zone and not address issues with which this person may feel uncomfortable or insecure.

Don't go over your own limits

Dealing with these types of people is complicated, but it can be perfectly possible if we learn not to pressure them and never go beyond the limits that they themselves set when opening up to others.

The relationship with an emotionally person distant must be built step by step and from calm but if we get this person I trusted us and do not represent a threat to it is possible that later, let's get delve slowly in their feelings and Let's achieve a fabulous friendship.

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