6 Signs of a Toxic Person video


People are social beings by nature. This need for sharing not only stands as a wonderful source of well-being, but it will also provide us with valuable learnings, such as detecting toxic people. Therefore, it is important that we are very attentive to our interactions. Otherwise, we can get caught in the traps that these profiles create through the most sophisticated strategies.

Also, we cannot leave out an important aspect. This type of dynamics turn off our vitality, generate stress and psychic discomfort . No one is immune to their behavior. Therefore, in addition to recognizing when we are truly faced with a profile of these characteristics, it is also necessary to know how to handle them, how to treat them. Let's see more data below.

"Many times we allow gossipers, the envious, authoritarian people, psychopaths, the proud, the mediocre, in short, toxic people, the wrong people who permanently evaluate what we say, to enter our most intimate circle. and what we do, or what we don't say and don't do. "

-Bernardo Stamateas-

Toxic people, people with abusive behaviors

As explained in an article published in the Psychology Today space , toxic behavior spreads in almost any setting in our society. We stress the term "toxic behavior" for a reason that needs to be clarified in the first place. The human being does not present any toxicity, this designation must focus above all on the manifest behaviors of each individual, those that due to their negative effect have a direct impact on others.

These types of people affect the business climate and even productivity. They create very exhausting couple relationships. They build ties with their environment where many families can be distanced, where groups of friends end up breaking their ties due to that disruptive element, that toxic profile that poisons everything with their behavior.

7 features to detect toxic people

Given the popularity of the term "toxic person", it can be said that sometimes we do a little abuse of it. We must be objective and above all, be aware of the effect they have on us. It is not enough that this coworker is always in a bad mood , it is not enough that someone give us a negative at any given time or send us a specific criticism.

Detecting toxic people requires taking into account a series of very specific characteristics that remain stable over time and that are also carried out with clear intent. Let's see them.

1. They are self-centered

The first of the traits to detect toxic people is that they talk excessively and continuously about themselves. They are the center of all attention, they are that black hole where everything is directed, that epicenter that insists on being fed, cared for, taken into account and even revered.

2. They have a pessimistic view of things

The speech of the toxic person is built through complaints, criticism and pessimism. They are the typical ones who take out the dark side of everything you propose or tell them through their continuous criticism and complaints. Also, nothing can be as complicated as reaching a goal or performing any task together with this type of profile.

They are experts in finding problems with any solution. At their side, the motivation is extinguished and they do not hesitate to put one trip after another until they make a simple ball, a mountain of difficulties.

3. They occupy the role of victims

If you have someone in your environment who always assumes the role of victim to be the center of attention, there is a good chance you have a toxic person before you. This strategy allows them to be validated and dispose of all our resources, all our energies at their whim.

4. Lack of empathy

We said it at the beginning, to detect toxic people, calibrate your emotional state. If we say this it is for a more than evident fact: profiles with such behavior sabotage self-esteem. They lack that primal empathy with which to be aware of the effect their dynamics have on others.

Not only are they unable to put themselves in someone else's shoes, but they also have no intention of doing so. They are that unique and absolute reference point through which the entire universe must orbit.

"In a toxic relationship there is always a constant tone of criticism and tension. This behavior already originates within the family: if a person has been raised by excessively critical parents and have witnessed this attitude repeatedly, they are already accustomed to criticism. In addition, these people are predisposed to cause the same type of toxicity in future generations ".

-Bonnie Kennan-

5. They are envious

If you want to detect toxic people, attend to that feeling that destroys them and eats away inside: envy . Desiring what you do not have and hating someone who has what you long for is a source of suffering and absolute immaturity. It is also the motivator of many aggressive behaviors. Contempts and hatreds appear where that feeling is camouflaged, that of envy that devours him.

6. They are unhappy

Make no mistake. People with toxic behaviors are not happy . Those who live this type of attitudes and behaviors do not understand emotional intelligence. They are not responsible for their actions or their effects. They are easily frustrated, they do not handle envy, they do not know how to channel their anger, they do not understand their sadness ... They lack that emotional solvency with which to invest in well-being and happiness.

7. Do not rejoice in the achievements of others

The person with toxic behaviors will not share your joys or give you encouragement in difficult times . It will be that look that will be uncomfortable with your successes and that will come swift and fast when you fail to intensify the wound even more. Thus, and curious as it may be, we do not always see this type of behavior at first sight. Sometimes we let them pass. Others we even justify: he is busy, he has many things on his mind and that is why he has not congratulated me or has not come to give me encouragement and encouragement ...

Make no mistake. Wherever such a profile lives, nothing grows. Wherever this type of trick is practiced, no one will feel happy, no one will feel good and will not be able to reach any goal. The cost of this type of profile can be immense in case it is a close relative or our partner. Therefore we learn to detect toxic people, let us breathe in balance knowing who to defend ourselves and with whom to establish healthy distances .

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