6 Signs Your Partner Is Using You video


Wondering if your partner loves you or uses you? If so, there is something wrong with your relationship. When you have certain ideas in your head, it is almost always because you have seen or felt something out of the ordinary.

Admittedly, it can sometimes be due to misinterpretation or misunderstanding, but be vigilant nonetheless. You must prioritize your well-being over that of the other person.

The line that separates love from using the other is very fine, sometimes. Therefore, in this article we provide you with the necessary keys so that you learn to recognize these types of people.

Let's dig deeper.

Does he love you or use you to get love?

Conflicts are generated when you do not know if your partner loves you or uses you to achieve other things

Sometimes a partner can use you to get love. Through manipulation, emotional blackmail or victimhood, she will prevent you from breaking up with her at all costs so as not to face her fear of loneliness.

This usually happens when there is a strong emotional dependency. In these cases, you need to ask yourself if the other is with you because he loves you or because he is afraid of being alone.

Other times, your partner may use you for specific purposes. Others use the new sentimental partner to make the old one jealous, to get financial rewards, or even to get a job.

It is important that you learn to recognize these kinds of individuals, because they can become dangerous. They will approach you thinking that they can manipulate you or that you are a person with a weak personality. Stay alert and stay away from them as much as possible.

She doesn't love me, she hurts me.

There are other reasons that can lead you to think if your partner really loves you or uses you. These are related to physical and verbal attacks, as well as microaggressions.

There are people who do not know how to love or who do it in a harmful way. This group includes those who use others as objects, or abusers.

Someone who mistreats his partner, for example, seeks to feel superior, authoritarian, exercise power and enjoy the feeling of submitting to another person. This is harmful behavior that undermines the self-esteem and integrity of those who suffer from it.

In a situation of gender or domestic violence, it is important to ask for help. Talk to your family and friends, but above all, don't isolate yourself. It is what the abusive individual seeks: to leave you without supports.

Relationships where love is not present

If you ask yourself that you don't know if your partner loves you or uses you, it's for a reason. Generally, the human being is able to detect when something is wrong, even if he does not want to realize it at first.

Your partner may simply not be in love anymore, but stick with you because you keep him. Also, you may have decided not to break the relationship out of fear of never seeing your children again. In these cases, it is important to be honest.

If there is no love, but there is respect, it is possible to maintain a good relationship. You can divorce or separate and continue to be a support for the other, both at the family level (you share children), and financially (help the other to find work so that he can stay alone).

Don't stay with someone who doesn't respect you

Except for the previous case, in which the "use" does not have to be based on bad intentions, if you think that your partner is using you, take action on the matter. You don't deserve to be treated like this.

You are a human being and as such, you need to be loved in a real way, without ulterior motives. Even if you love the other person, think well, would you really want this for your best friend or for your brother or sister?

Sometimes looking at things from the outside helps put perspective on a difficult situation. What is clear is that, whatever it is, that person is thinking about herself and not about the damage she can do to you. So it is only in your power to stop her from going ahead with her plans.