7 Psychological Things That Can Make Us Less Attractive video


There are habits that some people adopt thinking that they make them more interesting when in fact they only make them less attractive. The funny thing is that many people who try to look attractive overlook some important issues such as the fact that the physical aspect tends to reflect how we are and how we feel inside. No matter what you want to seem, in the end what we are always comes to light, and if there is something unattractive it is precisely the lack of authenticity.

On the other hand, when we think of being attractive we usually think only of the exterior, of the appearance, as if that were what determines the ability to attract others. We do not know that our behavior has a great impact on how seductive the image we project is. Once again, being authentic is much more interesting, because it shows who we really are and does not create false expectations.

Furthermore, we must bear in mind that attraction is a manifestation of our personal energy and affects all kinds of human relationships. People are attracted to positive and optimistic people and repelled by negative and pessimistic people. And this cannot be manipulated or pretended, because it comes to light immediately.

Mistakes that affect your attractiveness

There is no doubt that we like beauty and therefore we like that people around us look good. For some it is a sign of distinction to date attractive people or, at least, to take care of their appearance. However, beauty is not just an aesthetic or physical issue.

You can be the most attractive person in the room and be the least interested in others, and that's if people aren't even trying to avoid you. Beyond your physical appearance, acquiring some of the following habits can leave you out of the game.

  • Turn everything you do into a competition. A certain competitiveness may be appropriate at certain times, but constantly trying to compare ourselves with others and trying to show that we are better is not necessary. In fact, it ends up being annoying and even rude. No one wants to be with someone who is constantly seeking recognition at the cost of appearing better than others.
  • Act rudely. Obviously, people don't like rude people. However, many think that with their rudeness they stand out from the rest and see no problem in this trait. But nobody likes disrespectful people who only seek to be noticed at the cost of making fun and belittling others.
  • Act with superiority. A person who looks over their shoulders at others and acts with superiority is not attractive at all. However, as in the previous case, these types of people think that this attitude makes you stand out. However, nobody likes to be with people who seek their place by shading and considering the rest as inferior.
  • Constantly complain. Many people think that by complaining and protesting everything they attract more attention, which gives them an opportunity to show themselves and be recognized. But it is quite the opposite. People tend to try to escape negative environments and complaints and protests are good ingredients to believe.
  • Disrupt others. Interrupting another is disrespectful, especially if the conversation is not going him. However, there are people who think that gives him notoriety and an opportunity to show his presence, his intelligence and how much he knows about something. But what actually happens is the opposite. Without education, your level of knowledge or opinion is of little use. In fact, interrupting to complete or give your opinion only leaves you as a somewhat repulsive "insider".
  • Do not listen when someone speaks. Communication is one of the most essential elements in any relationship. Not listening to another when trying to speak is another disrespect, whether you are speaking to a group or face to face. Worse still than not listening is looking at something or someone, or even staring at the person from under the eyes.
  • Create a conflict without need or reason. Some people like to draw attention to themselves by causing conflict by relying on small misunderstandings or looking for reasons that only they see. In this way they gain attention and think that they get an opportunity to show their attractiveness. However, that person probably only manages to trigger feelings of contempt and, if someone plays along, it will bring out the worst inside. All for pure pride.

How to look more attractive

To leave behind these kinds of habits, it is important to bet on authenticity and avoid at all costs attitudes that feed drama in any of its forms. You don't need to make yourself important or interesting based on negative attitudes, just the opposite.

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