7 Signs You Lack Confidence video


It is likely that at some point in your life you have felt insecure with the things you do, but if this remains, even if you want to hide it, there are signs that reveal that you do not have confidence in yourself , so you must modify them to feel better.

As the writer Judi James mentions in her book Art of Trusting Yourself, you have to dare to be different from others, be strong and build your character.

To do this, you must first identify some signs that show your lack of confidence:

1. You don't socialize with someone you don't know

When you create a barrier between yourself and people you don't know, you only show that you are a shy person who does not like to create new relationships for fear of what may happen.

2. Fear of public speaking

Having little confidence in yourself prevents you from being able to address a group of people, so you avoid this action every time it occurs.

3. Insecurity to ask for something

A person who does not have confidence in himself, does not dare to ask for things, simply conforms to what he is assigned or given.

4. Don't trust what you do

If you continually review your projects and make them seem like they are worthless, it is a sign of your lack of confidence. Begin to believe more in yourself and in all the capabilities you have.

5. Deadpan body language

Having little confidence in yourself will make you act introverted, without anyone finding out about your emotions. You become someone who does not project their true behavior.

Try to be more outgoing and make your presence known every time you communicate with someone.

6. Fear of rejection

Stopping doing something or not approaching someone just out of fear that they won't listen to you is a clear sign of your lack of confidence. Dare to express what you feel and tell whoever you love regardless of the consequences.

7. Ask for approval from others

When you need someone else to give you the go-ahead for what you did, it represents a lack of confidence. Stop asking for approval and accept only suggestions.

These are some signs that you do not have confidence in yourself , the best thing you can do is start to open up more and show everything that complements your personality, you may not be used to it but little by little you will achieve it.

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