7 Things That Can Tell You A Lot About A Person video


Many of us have friends of a lifetime , some continue to surprise us for good and sometimes disappoint us. We are also meeting new people who we find charming and who we want to continue meeting and sharing things with them because their company is pleasant. Therefore, there are certain situations in which you really know a person to which we must pay attention.

But knowing a person in depth, with all its positive and negative parts, is something that implies more intimacy , many hours, many different situations and sharing something more than a dinner or a night out.

It seems like you never really know a person when we are constantly disappointed

Even so, having shared a lot of time and many experiences in which there have been good and bad things, there are concrete situations in which a person is really known . We are going to review them, some more serious and others more banal, but all of them have been able to make us see internal aspects of that person that we did not know.

Stress situations in which you really know a person

This phrase can symbolize the fact that when a person encounters a stressful situation, even if it is not serious, we can know a lot about them by the way they cope with that situation .

You can become nervous, aggressive, unable to think clearly, not looking for solutions but only complaining (to the least indicated people) or even blaming others for what has happened to you.

"I have learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he behaves in these three situations: a rainy day, with a lost luggage and tangled Christmas lights"

-Maya Angelou-

We can also see an attitude of avoidance, delegating responsibilities to others because they consider that they are not capable of doing it or that they do not have to.

These situations are minor but the way in which a person behaves in the face of minor stressors will give us an idea of ​​how they can cope with situations of greater life stress due to more serious issues. This is how you really know a person.

Situations in which he needs you and in which he no longer needs you

It is not that a person only talks to you to ask you for a favor and stops talking to you when you have already done it (which happens). It is about those relationships in which one of the parties is related to another but when they are no longer interested for various reasons, they stop taking you into account.

"Only feelings can unite us. Interest has never formed stable friendships "


For example, a high school classmate with whom you did all the work and shared free time, and at the end of high school she is cold or distant. With that friend you were dating and when you start a relationship, you know little or nothing about her. With that person you helped to move to another country by giving your help and suddenly they ignore you when it is already installed ...

Knowing when your friend needs you and when not, will give you a clue of what this person really is like. Regardless of what you say, observing your actions is the most important thing.

Coexistence situations

Coexistence is the ultimate test if you want to know how a person actually behaves . The way to respect your space, to respect your things, not to argue over absurd ideas ... You realize if she is capable of sharing or just making her life at home, which on many occasions seems to be anything but shared.

If he is able to take time to talk for a while about each of the things that worry you, if he helps you being sick, if he does not compromise in the matters of bills, meetings or a simple breakdown in your home.

You realize if it is a healthy independence, or if it is a selfishness that is more than clear and evident in everything he does, and you realize how nice he is shown on the street and how hostile he handles in coexistence.

Situations in which he talks to you about others

Commenting on others is normal, especially when two people share the same group of friends or are involved in a common environment (work, sports, social ...). But talking about others does not imply disrespect.

On the other hand, continually judging what they do, analyzing whether their life is better or worse than yours or telling intimate things about that person, can give you some clue about the person next to you.

"Some people are so false that they are no longer aware that they think the exact opposite of what they say"

-Marcel Aym-

Situations of economic distress

It's hard to tell when a friend is really selfish. One must realize when a person does you a favor just because you have done them others and knows that perhaps you will reward him again. But that generosity is false, that does not stop being interest.

When we go through a financial hardship and that person does not take into account our situation and in addition to not offering help, he can unfairly claim something from the past, it is when we realize what kind of person we have had as a friend.

He may even lend us something but he will do it reluctantly, he will continually remind us when we are going to return it to him (without needing it at that time) or talking to others about the amount of things he has done for us, leaving us in quite an unpleasant position.

"Clear accounts preserve friendships"


Situations related to your joys

A friend must be for the joys and for the sorrows . It is often said that people who are not really friends leave you alone when you are having a bad time and only remember you when it is something fun.

But the opposite can happen: the friend who seems to listen to you and accompany you when everything is going wrong for you and nevertheless devalues ​​you and emotionally boycotts you when something has gone very well for you. If your life begins to go up and you feel envy or false joy, it does not suit you.

Complicated situations where you need their help

People experience distressing situations in our lives and it is vitally important to have a perceived social support that seems valid and warm to us.

"It is in difficult moments when friendship goes through a litmus test"

Surprisingly, in those moments when we need the attention and affection of someone more, we can find indifference , bad words or underestimations of our state of mind. We can even notice a cold attitude, in which the other person's problems continue to be above ours, even though we are experiencing a truly dramatic situation.

Therefore, surround yourself with the best people and be one of them too. And never forget, treat others the way you want them to treat you. A strong network of friends is a very valuable treasure that must be built, maintained and appreciated.

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