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Your partner is the person with whom you share your life, so you have to take care of the behavior that you show him. With your partner you can live dream moments and feel loved, but there are a series of behaviors that ruin a relationship and both you and your partner must analyze which of these behaviors both are having, in order to solve them and have a harmonious relationship where the one is can feel good with the other. It is very important that they talk about their differences to be able to resolve them in the best way without reaching conflicts and fights.

The behavior that you and your partner have will depend on whether the relationship remains stable and happiness reigns. They just have to maintain communication and express what each one feels to understand each other. The human being is not perfect, so you should not demand that your partner be, they must also accept each other with all their defects but always trying to ensure that those defects do not come out so much in any situation in which they are together. They should understand but be honest with each other so that the relationship doesn't get out of hand.

11 Behaviors That Ruin a Relationship

When neither of them does not get what they want, they can have behaviors that ruin a relationship and this can affect both members psychologically. It is convenient that each one examines himself to know where he is failing and can save the relationship.

1. One of the couple only looks at their goals and does not pay attention to the other : sometimes one member of the couple is usually very egocentric and only appreciates their achievements without realizing that the other is also giving their best in the relationship and also has its achievements. This is the cause of an imminent confrontation in the couple since one needs to be valued by the other.

Among the most common causes of fights and breakups in couples is lack of attention to achievement . When you have been very successful at work or school and have left your partner behind, the partner may feel that the other is more important about your achievements than the partner. This can only be solved by speaking frankly and that the affected party manifests itself both in affection and in demand for it.

2. Guess what happens to the other: sincerity is one of the key points to maintain harmony in the relationship. Who of the two could bear to see the other in a strange attitude and have no idea what is happening to him? If this situation continues, worse problems such as jealousy and mistrust can arise.

It is very important that the one with the problem is communicative with the other and expresses himself without fear, that he sees the couple as his friend to whom he can confidently tell everything.

3. Having angry reactions to an observation instead of being open to it: in the couple it is important that one knows how to listen well to the other and accept their observations without reacting with anger, when the other only wants to improve it and improve the relationship. This is one of the worst behaviors that can ruin a relationship. Both of you should be receptive to each other's feedback and advice and set aside arrogance.

If this is the case in your relationship, what you should do is talk to your partner in a friendly way, without hurting him, since one cause may be that you are making the observation in a way that he may feel offended or vice versa. They should take the time to speak without fear or shame to put this problem in the background.

4. Be closed to new experiences instead of open to new things: having a partner who likes to experience new things in everything that relates to love and life in general is the dream of many. However, there are couples where there is too much monotony and this can cause boredom in those who want to experience new things.

The dialogue of the affected party with the person who is having the behavior to motivate him to experience new things is important, letting him know that routines and circles must be broken and that everything in the couple must be dynamic.

5. Use deception and duplicity instead of integrity and honesty: nobody likes that their partner shows him one face and behind his back shows another. The one must show the other as he is, not hide the most relevant aspects of his life and personality from his partner. Trust is one of the most important elements in a relationship. Cheating is another behavior that will ruin a relationship.

It is very important that both members converse giving mutual trust, that one does not feel as if the other is a policeman who is questioning him. The biggest mistake in a relationship is to think that if one hides his reality from the other, he can keep it and if he tells the truth he can lose his love, quite the opposite. The couple will value more that the other shows his true face and is not pretending to be what he is not. The truth always comes to light.

6. Show lack of affection and inappropriate, impersonal or routine sexuality instead of physical affection and personal sexuality: in every couple, affection is like water to plants, if not they dry up. The worst thing that can happen in a couple is the lack of affection or that one wants to make love all the time and wherever they want. No couple should lack sex but this should not become an obsession on the part of either of them. Both must agree when they want to make love.

It is important that both members show the love they have with physical affection, details and know how to differentiate between making love and having wild sex. It may happen that at some point one of the two does not feel like making love and only wants kisses and caresses, so the other must understand this and give him the love he needs to maintain the relationship.

7. Misunderstanding instead of understanding: misunderstandings are the cause of constant arguments. Something that should not be lacking in a couple is mutual understanding. It is harmful to the relationship for one member of the couple to misinterpret the other and not accept explanations by understanding what their mind tells them instead of listening to the other. Dialogue calmly and without offending each other is the key to avoiding these inconveniences.

They should share a time together in which they can talk calmly, so that one lets the other know that they should be more understanding and not understand what is convenient for them and show their love for each other.

8. Manipulate, want to dominate the other or be submissive: if there are behaviors that destroy a couple. They are taking excessive advantage of the love of the other to obtain their benefits, treating them as if they were their property and not giving them their place, making them feel that their feelings and opinions are not worth it and that for love they should be subject to what their partner says.

It is very common to hear in pairs phrases such as: " I have given everything for you and look how you pay me back" "If you loved me you would not do such a thing to me" or "If you leave me, I'll kill myself . " These are the worst forms of manipulation in the couple since they can make the affected person feel like she is chained, as if the other uses her for her benefit.

The worst is when the affected person allows himself to be manipulated or dominated and does not express what he feels by submitting to the will of the other. This is the most detrimental to a relationship and those affected can be both women and men. It is convenient that the affected person does not silence her opinions and does not allow herself to be manipulated by the couple to stop her.

9. Need to be right all the time: discussions between couples are very typical and more so when one of the two always wants to be right without wanting to listen to the other, and no matter how hard he tries to make him see reason, he cannot. In any couple it is normal for some differences of opinions to arise and this can lead to heated arguments and ruin a relationship.

Dialogue is very convenient in these cases so that both can agree on all their things and that one does not want to be the one who dominates all situations. In couples it will not always be only one in which he is right, sometimes he can be wrong and it is important that he learns to accept it.

10. Selfishness or inability to show kindness, care and support: in a couple both members like to be pampered, given the care and attention they deserve so that the relationship is healthy, but there are couples where one of the members it is cold and unkind. Another drawback is when one member of the couple only thinks of himself and completely forgets about the partner, for example: they go down the street on a rainy day and one member carries an umbrella and forgets to cover the other, or they go out to eat and choose what suits you rather than please your partner.

In every couple, one must provide care and protection to the other, care about him and share everything without thinking only of himself. They must complement each other and look out for their well-being and safety.

11. Frequent critical or insulting comments: the worst thing that can ruin a relationship is the lack of tact by one member to communicate their opinions to the other. No couple would be in harmony if they always heard comments such as "You are fatter than a whale" "Make up, you are horrible" or "You are useless . "

It would be convenient for the affected person to express to his partner how bad he feels when someone is insulted and for the other to have the ability to apologize to his partner and commit to being kinder to them.

How to solve problems in a relationship

In every couple, it is inevitable that there are behaviors that irreparably ruin a relationship and it is important to identify them to find a prompt solution. The couple therapy can be very effective to solve these problems. For this it is necessary that both members are willing to attend therapy and that each recognize their mistakes to correct them. You both need to understand that your behaviors are seriously affecting the relationship.

Make time for each other when you can share a wonderful moment such as a trip to the movies or the park, a romantic dinner, or a day at home doing the things you like to do the most together. This will make them forget their differences a bit and be more tolerant of each other.

Tolerance in your partner is very important for a healthy relationship . When one of the two is usually intolerant of the other, they usually have behaviors that ruin a relationship and this can end in fights and breakups. That is why tolerance is a key point in the relationship.

Your partner is one of the most important beings in your life and you must have positive behaviors that nurture the relationship instead of turning it into chaos. It is very important that both of you spend time and talk about your shortcomings so that you both know each other very well and accept each other as is.

Both must be understanding and provide the support they need to improve as people and have a stable relationship where harmony, happiness and love reign. It is the most important step in a lasting relationship.

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