8 Signs of Anxiety You Might Not Recognize video


Surely you have ever felt bad and thought it was a headache or a bad day, but you did not know that maybe it was an anxious sign. Detecting it in time is important to prevent this "somewhat silent" problem from getting worse. We show you signs that tell you that you might have anxiety.

Take this into account and seek professional help because it is the one that should indicate if there really is this problem or not.


Feeling these symptoms is normal when we are nervous. They are used as defense mechanisms against a situation that stresses us and we do not control. In this case, if they usually appear in these situations we should not worry, but if such signs are repeated several times and condition our life then we may find ourselves facing an anxiety problem that we must treat.


It is not a general rule. Not always that a person worries triggers anxiety, but it does happen to many people who tend to worry too much about many things. When there are several thoughts at the same time and we fear the worst then anxiety can appear at any time, so we must be vigilant.


In a stressful life, anxiety tends to surface much earlier than we think. If we usually have seasons of many stress, we cannot lower our guard because it is a sign that we may soon feel bad if we have not already experienced it. Start delegating or doing less.


Not all insecure people develop this problem. This usually happens if to all this is added a feeling of constant uncertainty for wanting things now and a not good amount of nerves emerge. It is within the signs that tell you that you may have anxiety and you do not know it.

Total security does not exist in anything in life. Another thing is that you look for tools to control this insecurity and you can become a person who knows what he is doing, is safe and shows it to others.


For everything because your thoughts are negative and you turn your head so much that you have a hard time concentrating. It is quite complicated to perform daily tasks and a lot but to get to work. If all this greatly affects your life and you cannot continue, you may have a problem that needs to be treated.


These signs are of diseases, illness, other mental problems ... so it is difficult to know that it is really an anxiety. But anyway, if you have been with various signs for a long time, such as small tides, headaches, a feeling of constant unreality and you have had tests done and diseases are ruled out at first, then your doctor may tell you that you have this problem and you have to remedy it. so that it does not go to more. Now you still have time.


If the pandemic has affected you especially, both in confinement and outside of it and you have been unable to do your daily tasks more or less bearable within these situations, it is possible that although you have never had anxiety, then you are developing it. It usually appears due to a stressful situation and excessive worry that has been hovering for a long time.


Psychological problems trigger digestive conditions. For this reason it is normal that on the one hand you do not feel like eating, your belly hurts more than normal and you tend to waste for a long time. They are nerves.


One study found that more than 90% of people with generalized anxiety disorder felt very irritable during the worst moments of their anxiety disorder. So if you have this feeling for a long time, you already know its reason.

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