7 Signs Your Friend Might be Suicidal video


What makes a human being act against a primal urge like the survival instinct?

Each one sees and explains the phenomenon with different perspectives but in reality

What is the cause of suicide?

It cannot be attributed to a single factor, in fact several risk factors that incite suicide are combined and coexist, which begins with the idea persists, planning, attempt and ends with the death caused. According to statistics, it is women who attempt suicide the most, but it is men who have the highest mortality rate for this cause, since they carry out more lethal and forceful actions, being more successful in carrying out their mission.

Which are the risk factors?

Genetics, stress, lack of social skills, depression, schizophrenia, other psychiatric disorders, financial difficulties, chronic diseases, being an abandoned elderly, harassment, disturbing experiences, low self-esteem, loneliness, alcohol or drug abuse; poor impulse control, intolerance to frustration, shame or fear of asking for help, the latter makes the difference between life and death since the intervention of a mental health specialist usually provides a high probability of overcoming suicidal ideation about everything if it is identified in the early stages.

¿ What goes through the mind of a suicide ?

To this question there are as many answers as there are colors in the world. Given the biopsychosocial and multifactorial nature of the event, it is not simple to explain, but in synthesis it is the desire for the cessation of consciousness, to escape from something intolerable that makes him go against his own survival instinct.

Although there are two variants of the same side of the coin, on the one hand there are those who have been contemplating the idea for a long time, already planned every detail, from the famous suicide letter and those who in an impulsive act of outburst decide to commit suicide.

Some predominant thoughts in suicidal people are:

Nobody loves me, it wouldn't be necessary if I die, I do everything wrong, I'm not worth it, I can't get out of this, I'm tired only death can make my internal pain fade, only death can solve my problems , I am alone among others.

Warning signs

You can't always tell when a loved one or friend is thinking about suicide. However, these are some common signs:

  • Openly verbalizing the desire not to exist, to rest, openly expresses contempt "I wish I were dead" or "I wish I had not been born". There is no minimizing or ignoring this type of message, since in the vast majority of cases it is something real.
  • Talk, write, read, or draw about death and talk about items that can cause physical harm, such as pills, guns, or knives.
  • Negative conversations, I see everything as a tunnel with no escape.
  • Buying guns or ammunition, stockpiling medicine, or taking other action to prepare for a suicide attempt. They may have a new interest in firearms.
  • Neglect of your personal image.
  • He no longer takes medical advice about any health condition.
  • Withdrawal from social life and desire to be alone
  • Show a lot of interest in the subject of death, investigating everything related.
  • Suffer changes in the normal routine, for example, changes in diet and sleep schedules
  • Performing risky, extreme or self-destructive activities, such as taking drugs or reckless driving, self-harm.
  • Giving away your belongings or leaving your affairs in order when there is no logical reason to do so
  • Say goodbye to people as if farewell is final
  • Developing personality changes or being extremely anxious or agitated, in a bad mood or sad.

Note: To a lesser extent, there are people living in masked depressions where he closes and does not show or show his state, he can even be seen smiling in social activities while planning his death.

How to help a person who tries to commit suicide?

If you are attentive and you managed to identify one or more risk factors in a family member or friend, you should try to find a way to make them feel confident to confess their intentions to you.

  • Be direct and ask, "Are you thinking about suicide?
  • Try to remain calm and convey empathy, serenity, do not be alarmed.
  • Do not interrupt, allow him to express his emotions, never blame or claim him.
  • Ask 'what can I do?' or 'how can I help you feel better?' They may not have a precise answer, but it's worth asking. "
  • Find out if they have a plan and a date.
  • Try to persuade him to seek specialized help and accompany him through the process.

The goal is to make a connection, engage in a conversation, validate feelings, and give the person a moment to vent.

  • Avoid mentioning the list of people someone should live for, "That can make them feel guilty and add more stress, they will think 'I'm a bad person and they will all be better off without me.'
  • It is necessary that the family be aware of the situation, it is not a betrayal if what is at stake is life, together they must choose what is the best for the individual in question.
  • Seek help, find out On the subject, knock on all possible doors (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, spiritual leaders, counselors) the key is to prevent isolation and foster human relationships.

"Talking about suicide doesn't make people kill themselves, but not talking about suicide could lead to that."

Grief in Survivors and How to Help Them Cope

The suicide death has a strong emotional effect on people of the environment, grief is more complicated and painful than that accompanies natural death as it has other elements, not only have to adapt to the absence of the loved one You must deal with feelings of guilt, shame, or remorse for not being able to prevent suicide, and at times you may experience a combination of anger and longing for the person who has left. Bereaved people should seek help from a mental health professional to help them manage their emotions and avoid pathological grief and the inevitable feeling of guilt.

They should be supported with active listening and speak only if the family member wishes, respecting the silences is essential, not forcing interrogations of the facts, respecting the reputation of the deceased and not considering hypotheses about the cause of suicide, since that only corresponds to the privacy of the idler and his family to whom it is very painful to be offering repeated explanations.

If a family member, friends or the reader is experiencing a crisis in their life and also has one or more of the risk factors described above, I invite you to seek help as soon as possible since by acting in the early stages it is possible to save the most precious asset , "Life"

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