8 Signs You Are Too Nice For Your Own Good video


When we judge ourselves we tend to be tough and demanding. This is why we often doubt our attitudes, question our decisions and find it difficult to answer the question "how do I know if I am a good person?"

But do not worry, in this article we will show you 8 factors to take into account to measure objectively how good a person you are, how do you know if I am a good person? 8 key factors

1. Rank your principles and values

ShareSaying that we are good people is much easier than proving it in practice. Many times we give more importance to our own benefit than to what is right, even without realizing it.

For example, you can say that you care more about friendship than being popular. But if you've ever shared a secret from someone close to you to gain some attention in a conversation, then those priorities may not be as clear.

To find out how our value system is structured, the first thing is to reflect on it. Often they are learning that we obtained from children, but we do not actively think about the values ​​that govern our actions. Make a list of your values ​​and organize your priorities.

2. Analyze your reactions when you get angry or hurt

Anger can make us lose control and lead us to say things that we regret later. It can lead us to hate, to need revenge or also to get depressed.

Being a good person doesn't mean that you don't feel angry, but it does have a lot to do with the ability to control your worst impulses and know how to navigate anger without harming others.

Remember the most difficult moments you have had to go through and reflect on your actions in the midst of anger. Do you attack others? Are you trying to hurt the one who hurt you? Do you discharge your anger on people who are not to blame?

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3. Think about the level of altruism or selfishness in your goals

ShareWe all have dreams and personal goals. It is not wrong to want to improve our lives, but it is important to evaluate how selfish those goals can be. It is not the same to want to surpass yourself that your dream is, for example, to have a lot of money, no matter how you can achieve it.

For example, the owners of Google today are billionaires, but their initial motivation was to make information on the internet more democratic and accessible to everyone.

One of the traits of good people is that they usually want to dedicate their lives to a cause that helps them grow and, at the same time, make this world a better place.

4. Analyze what you say about others

Falling into destructive criticism is a temptation for many. Good people prefer to be silent than to speak ill of others, especially if they are friends, colleagues, family or colleagues.

Think objectively: Do you speak ill of the people you say you love often? If so, you may not be as good a person as you think and that is a habit that you should eliminate.

5. Imagine how you would react to ethical dilemmas.

ShareAnswer the following questions honestly:

  • If you were sure they wouldn't catch you, would you steal something from a store?
  • If it were in your hands, would you fire a coworker just because you dislike him?
  • Would you cheat on your partner with someone you like very much if you had absolute certainty that they would not find out?
  • Would you carry a garbage bag until you found a suitable place to put it or would you throw it in the first place where nobody saw you?

It is said that we cannot know if we are really good until very tempting situations arise. Be honest with yourself in answering those questions and reflect on your answers. Are you good or do you only care about showing that image?

6. See what you share on social networks

Our social networks are a reflection of our tastes and personality. Therefore, the history of our networks can say a lot about our true values.

You may think that you are a person who is against discrimination or racism, but if your wall is full of offensive memes or videos, perhaps it is more important to you to have fun than to foster a culture of respect.

It is not self-censorship, but to understand that if we find a racist joke funny, it is because, very likely, we also have something racist inside.

7. Check your Uber rating

ShareJust like with your social networks, your history in collaborative applications can be a reflection of your actions. Uber, like other transportation systems, allows your drivers to rate your profile according to the way you behaved with them and your friendliness.

The way we treat those who provide us with a service is often a true reflection of how good or bad we are.

8. Check how you treat yourself

Finally, it is important to analyze how you treat yourself. If you cannot be kind, tolerant and fair with yourself, you can hardly be so with others.

Do you allow yourself to insult yourself and hurt yourself? Do you neglect yourself and don't trust yourself? Deep down you feel like you're not worth much? Those actions demonstrate that you don't love yourself. Maybe you treat yourself that way because you feel like you don't deserve more.

Do not be so hard on yourself. If you take care of yourself and love yourself, it is much more likely that you can extend that love and care to others.

What do I do if they are not such a good person?

After reviewing that list, surely you already have elements to answer the self-evaluation that involves the question "how do I know if I'm a good person?".

Perhaps the answer is not exactly what you wanted. But don't worry: it's always a good time to decide to be a good person. What you should do is identify those negative habits that you would like to change and be attentive in your day to day so that your actions do well.

When you are a good person, do they treat you badly?

ShareSome people believe that being a good person is synonymous with letting others treat you badly or that others can harm you. That is not true. Being a good person implies that your actions have a positive impact on others, have good intentions and help.

If you decide to be a good person and act ethically does not mean that you do not know how to defend yourself and allow others to abuse you. In fact, many times the right thing is to make yourself respected. Showing mistakes in a considerate way is one way to help others to be better.

What to do if I am a good person and they treat me badly?

The way others treat you is more a reflection of themselves than of you. If others treat you badly, it is not because you are a good person. That person who mistreats you has her own problems and unloads them on you. What can happen is that you have not known how to set limits.

Defending yourself when they hurt you is your right. It is also a duty, because you deserve respect. Of course, remember that defending yourself is not the same as seeking revenge.

Being a good person, is it no use?

Being a good person serves to have the satisfaction with ourselves of having always done the right thing. Having that security is priceless, although many times that does not translate into obtaining material goods or wealth.

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What is wrong with being a good person?

There is nothing inherently wrong with being a good person. The only detail is that many times you will have to sacrifice immediate pleasure or benefit in order to act according to your principles. But, if it is the right thing, surely you will do it in complete safety in your actions.

Questions to know if you are a good person

ShareDo you want to know if someone else is a good person? There are some questions you can ask him to probe him without him realizing:

  1. Ask him to tell you about a person close to you that you know has had problems recently, like his ex. If you acknowledge the bad but are reluctant to speak ill of it, it is very likely that you are a good person.
  2. Ask him what his smartest move has been. If he proudly tells you that he was unfaithful or stole something without anyone noticing, deep down he is not such a good person.
  3. Ask him what he would do if he were invisible. Situations that generate impunity are excellent for knowing someone's true values.

I am a good person? Typical phrases of a good person

If you keep saying these phrases to others, you are most likely a good person:

  • Do not worry!
  • I help you / how can I help you?
  • How you feel?
  • What can I do for you?
  • I forgive you.

Good person or bad person test

If the answer to most of the following questions is "yes", everything indicates that you are inclined towards good:

  • Do I feel compassion for others?
  • Do I do things for other people without expecting anything in return?
  • Do I make personal sacrifices to help other people?
  • Do my friends and family consider me trustworthy?
  • Do I put my ethical principles above material goods?
  • Am I doing something to leave the world better than I found it?

Good male person test

If the answer to most of the following questions is "yes", then everything indicates that you are a good man:

  • Do I treat all women with respect?
  • Am I always honest about my intentions with a woman?
  • Am I actively involved in stopping situations that I consider unfair?
  • Do I defend vulnerable people even if it involves sacrifices for me?
  • Do I avoid talking about my partner's intimacies with my friends?

After reading this entire article, I hope you have found the answer to that very uncomfortable question, such as "how do I know if I'm a good person?". Now it is really difficult to find a way to be a better person day by day.

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