8 Signs You’re Dating a Sociopath video


They are people who have no conscience, remorse, or sense of guilt; they can be charming and manipulative; They mimic the rest of society, but are diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (APD), better known as sociopathy.

Sociopaths look normal, but are not capable of feeling basic emotions like empathy or love. They are great actors and maybe you're dating one without realizing it. Below we give you a list of characteristics to know if you have fallen in love with a boy who suffers from this disorder, since in the long term it can end up breaking your heart.

1. It is charming but superficial

Dr. Igor Galynker, chair of the Department of Psychiatry at New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital, states:

There is something superficial about its charm. They can be associated and disassociated from the feelings they show very easily.

They can be empathetic when it suits them, unlike psychopaths who never experience this feeling. They have very intense looks and you can describe it as "adorable", but when you need their help they turn their back on you.

2. It is bipolar ...

In other words, his mood varies from one second to the next, it is like going out with two people at the same time. This is what Bonn reports:

This person may have unexpected, unstable, and abrupt mood swings. You say something and suddenly they go into a rage. When a sociopath loses control or feels threatened to lose, he becomes very nervous and explodes.

3. They are very controlling

Scott Bonn is a criminologist and author of the book Why We Love Serial Killers; states that:

When you start to notice that your partner is controlling excessively, always dictating where, when and how to go; They try to manipulate your behavior and control who your friends are and what your activities are.

4. It tells you what you want to hear

It's the kids who know those hackneyed, brainwashing phrases by heart, so says relationship expert Seth Meyers:

They are those who quote the famous phrases of the donjuanes such as: "you are the woman I have always sought"; all the cliches you can imagine and that you have seen repeatedly in series and movies. They are professionals of conquest and love, but if you look closely, deep down your feelings do not feel genuine. They don't feel like normal people. They reflect what they see on television, they act it out.

5. Abuse your trust

Love Worth Making author and New York therapist Dr. Stephen Snyder states:

People with sociopathic tendencies are used to lying, so it is not that difficult for them to simulate feelings. Some are skilled at pretending to be hurt. Sometimes a sociopath will go after a woman because she has a big heart and is motherly and vulnerable to wanting to care for someone who has been emotionally hurt.

In you, look for a person to fill their gaps, but due to their lack of empathy, they may not satisfy any of your emotional needs.

6. It's too good that you don't believe it

Criminologist David Wilson tells us:

They are that man or woman who are cleverly looking for a place to get close, and they pay too much attention to you. We all like that. It is the matter with sociopaths: at first they are usually very funny, charming and that's why they attract. They need to do this, as they will then use you and all the information you provided during the courtship. They establish this closeness to the extent that it is useful to them.

When she has what she wants, little by little she will stop paying attention to you, perhaps until a new need arises.

7. You wonder why he has so few friends

She has acquaintances but it is rare to hear her speak of some close friendship. Bonn warns:

They are usually very evasive of the details of their personal life, of their past relationships, evasive and cautious with what they have. And if they get irritated or upset when you put them to the test or question them, it's a very bad sign.

8. They justify their past

Galynker claims:

They probably say that there was a criminal past but they justify themselves with: "it is not my fault, they just did it to me. I was casually in the wrong place and they blamed me. "

He may not be a criminal, but he ends up evading responsibilities and he attributes all the mistakes to other people. If they fight for any reason it will always be your fault and never his.

9. For some reason you end up solving their problems

Wilson claims:

Their lives are full of conflicts related to the loss of money or with people or relatives, those relationships fall apart from one day to the next. This is because sociopaths do not measure the risks, they do not measure the consequences, so they like to venture out in search of sensations.

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