8 Things That Make a Highly Sensitive Person Hard To Love video

Highly sensitive people must learn to take care of their self-esteem to enjoy their affective relationships, understanding in turn that the fact that the couple does not feel things with the same emotional intensity does not mean that they love them less.

Affective relationships with highly sensitive people are complex. Their way of feeling reality is more intense, they are more empathetic, they connect more deeply with other people's emotions, they suffer from contradictions ... Often, they also have a long history of disappointments behind them and all this makes it difficult to maintain afective relationships.

Falling in love is for many a carousel of nervous emotions difficult to order. It is an intense chaos of happiness sprinkled at times, of the most excruciating sadness, we know. However, something like this can be even more overwhelming for so-called "people with high sensitivity" (HSP).

Remember, highly sensitive people occupy 20% of our population and encompass a series of psychological and emotional peculiarities, which differentiate them from the rest.

Characteristics of people with high sensitivity

The vision of the world of people with high sensitivity starts from the same heart, and although many describe it as a "gift", sometimes this aura does not bring true happiness.

  • They are intuitive, creative, they are able to perceive the emotions of others in all their nuances, but this in turn causes them to be more reactive, that is, they feel more affected and hurt by certain things than other people.
  • The highly sensitive people enjoy sometimes much more solitude, prefer to undertake solo activities where appreciate the world in its true realidad.Ellas have their own rhythm, its own time very different from the accelerated materialism of the rest, which is not always feel integrated.
  • Likewise, studies such as those carried out in the Department of Brain and Psychological Sciences, of the University of California, indicate that this profile also presents a different sensory processing . This cerebral peculiarity makes them more sensitive to everything that happens in their environment.
  • They are observant, intuitive, detailed, self-demanding and have a lower threshold for pain.
  • They are bothered by loud sounds, and it is even common to see young children who are even hurt by certain clothes, certain friction or even voices.

As we can see, highly sensitive people have a sharper vision of reality, but at the same time, this gift, this character trait, makes them much more vulnerable. Especially in love ...

Relations between HSP and non-HSP people

Since HSP people make up 20% of the population, it is normal for there to be numerous affective relationships with non-HSP people, that is, people who are not highly sensitive .

Obviously there are many individual differences, there are highly sensitive people who have decided that it is better to be alone given the incompatibilities, given the suffering that this causes.

There are cases in which this accumulation of sensations or emotions generates a high level of stress and anxiety that leads to physical pain. A pain so insufferable that it has made them appreciate, that it is better "not to fall in love."

But it must also be said that highly sensitive people fall in love easily. Its virtue to appreciate people in all its nuances, makes them feel immediately attracted and filled with that comforting energy that is physical and emotional attraction.

But there are several risks that must be taken into account:

Personality differences between HSP and non-HSP people

If you are a highly sensitive person, it is possible that little by little you realize that your partner does not appreciate the same things that you like. Furthermore, in your opinion, it does not reach the same emotional and intellectual depth as you.

  • This will sometimes make you feel frustrated and you may even demand certain things from your partner, who simply cannot offer you or who is unable to see or intuit.
  • You think your personalities are so different that it is normal to feel disappointment, misunderstanding ...

If you are a HSP person, you must bear in mind that others do not have to feel the world as you appreciate it. This, in turn, does not mean that the other person loves you less.

HSP people and their great affectivity

Another reality that usually occurs is that it is difficult for the highly sensitive person to monitor their personal limits and tends to offer everything to the other person, forgetting himself.

  • It is a very big risk. Obviously it is wonderful to achieve that symbiotic union where we offer all our affection, all our emotions , time and experiences for the loved one ...
  • Now well, you have to protect yourself by taking care of your limits.
  • If we give everything to the other person we will lose our identity, and we will be even more vulnerable to any disappointment , to any snub, to any difference.
  • Little by little, frustration and disappointment can appear ...
  • These dimensions, for a person with such sensitivity and self-demand, can become very destructive.

Any failure or disappointment is experienced in a very traumatic way at all levels. Both physically and psychically, running the risk of falling into depression.

Being a highly sensitive person can be a virtue

You have to consider this. Being a HSP person can be a virtue, a gift. Now it is not really a personality trait that requires self-knowledge.

Understand that other people are not going to feel what you feel, that they are not going to see what you see ... but even so, they will also be able to love you and offer you that happiness that you also deserve.

Keep your self-esteem at a good level by enjoying who you are and how you are. Such sensitivity may sometimes be synonymous with suffering, but it is not always so.

As you understand yourself better you will see yourself more capable of surviving in this reality than sometimes, it does not look as sensitive as it should.

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