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How does a psychopath feel

According to multiple studies (Hare, 1978; Siddle and Trasler, 1981; Kiehl, Hare, McDonald, and Brink, 1999; Patrick, 1994) it has been shown that psychopaths do not have the necessary capacities to experience emotions.

These people in situations that should create an emotion can only produce facial and verbal responses according to expectations, however, if their autonomic activity is analyzed, this is inconsistent with these responses. That is, their bodily sensations differ from their acts.

A psychopath has a great lack of empathy for the pain that others feel, so many times they are not able to realize that their actions are causing anguish and pain in other people. Furthermore, they do not accept responsibility for their own actions and have no remorse or guilt.

Contrary to what you may think, a psychopath is usually very attractive on a social level, always showing a superficial character which gives rise to liking other people very well. However, this is done in order to take advantage of others, since they are usually manipulative people by nature, with a tendency to cheat and with a great sense of greatness towards their person.

Their affective capacity is superficial so they will value and maintain a relationship with a person to the extent that it is useful for them to achieve their purposes.

Does a psychopath feel love?

A psychopath does not have the capacity to love as we properly understand. Although the word love has a different definition for each person, it usually comes together with three key qualities: intimacy, passion and commitment.

For a psychopathic person, this concept of love is, let's say, one-sided. That is, your goal is for the other person to fall in love with him or her. For this reason, he will resort to all the strategies at his disposal, be it through deceit, manipulation, modifications of his personality.

A psychopath sees seduction as a game and tries to "get" his partner through an expert level of seduction. For this, the psychopathic person, as a result of his narcissistic personality, is able to see the weaknesses of the other person and act appropriately so that he feels that he will be protected by his side.

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Can a psychopath fall in love and love?

As we have said before, a psychopath is not capable of love. However, they can establish romantic relationships which will be based mainly on convenience. For them, a relationship is based on satisfaction, complacency, and an increase in their own ego.

A psychopathic person rather develops an attachment relationship with the other person, which will be characterized by an avoidant attachment, and they will not be able to establish any kind of intimate relationship.

Can you have a relationship with a psychopath?

The lack of empathy and inability to express emotions of psychopaths is going to be one of the greatest difficulties that there will be when it comes to maintaining a relationship with them, since they will not be able to see the needs of their partner, nor will they be able to adjust their actions to the feelings of others.

Also, it is very likely that one of the basic points of any relationship, such as commitment, will not be fulfilled. This is because they are very impulsive people who always want to satisfy their desires, without caring about emotionally damaging the rest. Therefore, if despite being in a relationship, they want to have sex and be unfaithful to their partner, they will not hesitate for a second, because they do not consider how other people may feel in the face of said deception.

On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that these types of relationships often become toxic, where the psychopath wants by all means for his partner to develop a dependency on him. 

In turn, the characteristic that characterizes them as aggressive, can lead to cases of gender violence, where the psychopath physically and verbally mistreats his partner if she does not comply with his demands or if he feels that he is going to abandon him.

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