Connecting emotionally with someone changes our lives

It is a type of psychological alchemy in which various components are integrated, fascinating keys that we can all develop much more. Discover them!

Emotional connection is the adhesive of relationships that enrich , alleviate insecurities, and create a meaningful existential fabric. Thus, in our coexistence, people nourish ourselves with something more than food, we need dimensions with a flavor of confidence, complicity that does not betray and words that far from stressing make us draw smiles.

As Carl Sagan pointed out , each one of us is, from a cosmic perspective, something precious, unique and unrepeatable. However, despite our uniqueness, we are still those people with the occasional difficulty to live with others in happiness and harmony . Emotions are still our eternal account and with them, we miss the opportunity to build healthier relationships.

Connecting is not exactly easy. The intention is not enough, the word is not enough, nor is it enough to have similar tastes. Authentic connection starts from emotional imprints, from a deep and intelligent architecture in which respect, empathy , good communication, interest and sincere concern navigate . All this forms an exceptional fabric in which relationships resist the passage of time and adversity.

Let's get to know this concept a little more.

Emotional connection: definition and components

The emotional connection is a state of affinity or deep alignment established with a person , with several or with a specific dimension. This type of experience is common at the level of a couple, in a friendship and even with a member of our family. Thus, and as a curiosity, from the world of neuromarketing they know this concept in detail for an interesting reason.

People also establish emotional connections with products, physical settings and even with brands. An example is that a study carried out at the University of Nicosia (Greece) showed that many consumers tend to be loyal to a brand due to the emotional bond established with it . That is, having had positive experiences in relation to that product, the confidence felt or the pleasant sensations that it generated, make that attachment to be maintained over time.

In this way, and as much as they have led us to believe, human beings are not rational beings who get excited, we are emotional beings who reason . Therefore, understanding, mastering and knowing how to apply the good art of emotions guarantees not only well-being, it also allows us to relate much better. Let us understand, therefore, what are the areas that make up this dimension.

Availability: when you need me, I'll be here

The emotional connection starts from a fundamental pillar: the feeling of security. Knowing that there is a figure that is always available to us at any time makes us feel safe, validated and happy . It is to perceive that whatever happens, we have a person to lean on.

Availability gives us a sense of belonging. We are part of someone and that someone, in turn, is part of us.

I care about your needs and wants

We all have needs and desires, we are people in constant growth and we long for things, we lack others and we dream of many more. Having by our side a figure who is aware of all this and who cares, in addition, to attend them, gives us great satisfaction. Because emotional connection does not only imply feeling, it also requires action and mutual effort.

I share things with you in freedom knowing that you do not judge me

Reviewing and talking about our experiences and thoughts without being judged relieves . Sharing intimacies and ideas with someone, perceiving that there is affinity, excites.

Knowing that they listen to us and, above all, that they understand us offers a great inner balance. All these dimensions are decisive to build a good emotional connection.

I am interested in knowing you much more every day

People are not trees or rocks, we are water and we flow, we change , we move through each section of our existence at a specific rate. It is true that essences are maintained, but to grow is also to vary some aspect, leave others behind and aspire to higher things.

When we have an authentic connection with someone that person understands our movements. What's more, this significant emotional bond makes them want to know us much more every day, to know about our thoughts , plans, fears, little hobbies and overcome obstacles.

With you I can be me (trust)

There are people who know how to be home or more than home, our best refuge. Because connecting from the emotions is also being able to be ourselves with that partner, that friend, that relative ... With these figures all the masks and armor fall to show us as we are, with our virtues and also with our defects.

Emotional connection is listening, feeling and understanding the other

Those who say they love you abound, but don't really bother to understand you. There are also those who like to have you close, but they neither feel you nor attend you when you speak to them. These situations are clear examples of the lack of emotional connection and of misrepresenting authentic affection.

Whoever is willing to create an authentic bond of deep and meaningful connectivity will give you space , offer you a place in their present and in their heart to serve you with empathy. Only then are we actively listened to, only then will we be understood as we deserve.

To conclude, we all have those bases on which the spark of emotional connection is lit. Let's open that light and the right person will appear, let's practice the points outlined here and we will build brave, happy and satisfying bonds.

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