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Out seven steps to achieve any change, goal or dream that we long to have in life. It is about:

- Commitment to yourself.
- Identify your problem.
- Define your goals.
- Create and practice your affirmations.
- Visualize what you want.
- Take action and create lasting habits.
- Focus on the present.

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I propose to transform your darkness into light.
The transformation process is slow, it only takes perseverance and will, to look at the beautiful future and the past that we do not want to return to, in the present the action is carried out.
Thank, forgive, focus on what produces passion and walk to sleep. The only limit is the mind.
I do this work by reading, researching, taking notes from conferences, we learn until the last day of our lives. I sincerely hope that it will serve you.

According to Harvard psychologist and author of The Sociopath Next Door , Martha Stout, one in 25 people is a sociopath . This can represent a real problem for today's society.Sociopathy is a disorder included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) as "antisocial personality disorder" . This disorder is defined as "a...

Psychology has many ins and outs, nuances and details that make this field a complicated world, difficult to understand. However, sometimes the worst thing is not that our minds are themselves complicated, but that when we have an emotional problem we do not ask ourselves the right questions. That is why it is so important to get to the question:...

The emotional exhaustion is a feeling of being overwhelmed or feel able to cope with everyday life psychologically, because you feel so tired / a that you think you've run out of strength to continue fighting.

There are many biases that influence our way of seeing and processing the world. Be it visual, auditory illusions, social or other phenomena, our way of capturing the world is not free from manipulation.

We live in a globalized age, focused on materialism and consumption ... and also digitized. This makes us jump from one article after another without the necessary depth, and terms are invented. You know: Peter Pan syndrome, imposter syndrome, "toxic" people ...

Hypervigilance is a state in which the person shows greater sensitivity to any threatening stimulus. It is a typical symptom of disorders such as hypochondria or panic disorder, although it can appear in isolation. Learn more about her, here!

People who have not been allowed to set limits in their childhood have to learn it later in life. It is very common that if you are not used to setting limits, you think you are setting limits when in reality you are building walls.