Exercises to improve concentration


Exercises can be done to train and improve concentration. The most effective are the following:

1. Meditation

The practice of meditation and relaxation provides enormous benefits in the ability to concentrate. At the end of the article you will find a video to practice it. Also, in the following article you can see the benefits of meditation for the brain.

2. Landscape description

Using a photograph or simply looking out the window we can look at an image. Describing it in detail is an exercise that will improve our concentration.

3. Smells

Go for a walk and try to identify street smells during the walk. If you look closely you can identify smells of nature, perfumes or what your neighbors are cooking.

4. Candle

Sit in front of a lit candle and watch the movement of the flame for a few minutes. The more you practice it, the longer you will endure without moving in front of the candle. It is an exercise to train attention and concentration typical of mindfulness.

5. Count backwards

Count from 30 backwards two by two. To increase the difficulty, you can do it three by three, four by four ... And to increase the time, use a greater number such as 50 or 100.

6. Sudokus

Sudokus are an ideal hobby to improve concentration. Find the level that best suits you and spend some time daily.

7. Write a journal

Writing is already an activity that improves concentration and if we add writing what has happened during the day we will increase the benefits.

8. Diaphragmatic breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing requires being aware of the times so it improves concentration and reduces distractions, whether they are thoughts that assault us or sounds for example.

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Games to improve concentration

We can also improve concentration in a pleasant way and almost without realizing it by using some games.

9. Color mandalas

For a time here these wheels have become well known. Many of us have mandala notebooks at home and if it is not your case on the internet you can find many models to print. The task is to color the mandala focusing exclusively on that. You do not need to finish it the first time, it is preferable that you spend a few minutes every day.

10. Mobile applications

There are apps for just about everything and you can use them while you are in a waiting room or have some free time. Some of the apps to improve concentration are: Lumosity Brain Training, Fit Brains or Clockwork Brain, all with free versions.

11. Traditional hobbies

Hobbies like looking for differences or word searches are a fun way to improve concentration. You can find them in magazines, on the internet or you can buy a specific notebook of the ones you like the most. For example, in the following image you must find the figure that does not have a partner.

How to improve concentration to study

If there is something that requires all our concentration, it is study. Without concentration we cannot understand reading and we can hardly memorize concepts. Luckily there are very useful techniques to improve concentration when we have to study.

12. Prepare the space

An overloaded and distracted environment makes concentration difficult. So it is best to organize the place where we are going to study:

  • Clear the table
  • Find a comfortable chair that avoids forced postures
  • Remove all possible decorations
  • Having adequate lighting.

13. Eliminate distractions

Noises and music are distracting. Studying in the quieter hours of the day whenever possible or using earplugs will make concentration easier. The phone is soundless and preferably out of our line of sight.

14. Set goals

To begin the state of concentration we can look at an object in the room for a few minutes and analyze all the details.

15. to rest

It is difficult to maintain optimal concentration for a long time, so it is advisable to take short breaks after each hour of study.

16. Do breathing exercises

Deep breaths or diaphragmatic breathing can also help us focus. Here you will find more breathing exercises.

17. Start with what requires the most effort

Another technique to stay focused as long as possible and optimize the study session is to start with the task with the most difficulty and finish with the one that we like the most or find it the easiest.

18. Read

Reading, underlining and summaries, in addition to facilitating memorization, contribute to concentration.

When we reason about a problem, we tend to use a simple and useful outline most of the time. This way of thinking is what is known as linear thinking.

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