Heartbreak in the morning: why does it happen?

The feeling of sadness in the morning can be the result of improper habits or improper rest. However, it can also be the manifestation of a mood disorder. How to differentiate one circumstance from the other?

Many people say they experience sadness in the morning, more than at any other time of the day . Sometimes the sensation becomes really severe, even coinciding with a major depressive disorder. The point is that as the day progresses, the feeling dissipates. At night, there may not even be any of that excitement left.

This sadness in the morning has come to be called "morning depression" or "morning depression." It is specific and, therefore, differs from other types of depressions. Its characteristic sign is that it only appears in the early hours of the day .

In some cases, sadness in the morning is not directly related to depression , but is the consequence of other causes. Also, sometimes it is not just a temporary morning blues, but part of a more severe picture.

Sadness in the morning, why?

According to what has been established, sadness in the morning is mainly due to three factors . The first is a depressive picture, as such; the second, an inadequate rest ; and the third, the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

There is talk of morning depression or morning depression when the symptoms of depression are exacerbated at the beginning of the day, right after waking up . There is reluctance, apathy and a sense of emotional emptiness that does not fade. However, as the day passes, the symptoms become milder, although they do not disappear entirely.

Another reason you may feel sad in the morning is a bad night's sleep . You have slept, but the sleep has not been restorative. It is possible that the conditions of the room are not the most suitable or that you have a health problem that prevents you from sleeping well. Most likely, if anything, is that in the morning you feel awful.

Finally, that feeling of sadness appears when you drank alcohol before going to sleep the night before . On the one hand, this compound sedates, but it also alters sleep cycles, interrupting sleep at night. On the other hand, alcohol is a depressant of the nervous system and its effect can be felt the next morning.

Morning depression

Of all the reasons you can experience sadness in the morning, the most complex is morning depression. This is a condition that requires attention because it can be a sign of a disorder or the beginning of a disorder . The main symptoms of morning depression are as follows:

  • Difficulty waking up or getting out of bed . The eyelids are heavy and the body seems unable to perform movements.
  • Trouble falling asleep or multiple awakenings at night . It may be a sign that there is more cortisol at night, which is to say more nighttime anxiety and greater difficulty in resting.
  • Hypersomnia . Some people feel the need to sleep more than usual, without a reason for it. This can be a symptom of depression, although it is not always.
  • Inappropriate eating patterns . Eating too much or too little, especially at night, can be a sign that the mood is not balanced.
  • Lack of concentration . You find it difficult to focus on your daily tasks and do many things at the same time or you have difficulty finishing what you started, even if it is not something complex.
  • Irritability or feeling of frustration . These are more intense in the morning, but tend to remain in force, to a lesser extent, throughout the day.
  • Loss of interest and feeling of emptiness.

what do in this situation?

If the feeling of sadness in the morning is very intense and frequent, it may be worth starting with a visit to the doctor . One in five people with depression also has sleep apnea . Likewise, there may be another health condition that is affecting good rest.

Night work, especially if it involves a lot of stress, can result in morning depression . In these conditions, the body and mind are overextended and the result is an imbalance that can manifest as sadness in the morning.

If there is something that worries you or you continually experience a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, you may require psychological help . The sooner you look for it, the more effective it will be. For the rest, apply the measures for good sleep hygiene, so that you get adequate rest.

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