Independence, autonomy and integrity of life


The search for truth as a vital principle

The search for truth is one of the great demands of the human being. Whoever lives in the truth is well with himself and has freedom as a guide for action. Whoever lives in the truth fears nothing, increases their self-confidence, credibility and integrity, elevating the authenticity of the being.

We have the natural capacity to change and grow. We are afraid of punishments and repressions, we tell little lies, here and there. We judge that only in this way can we have the freedom to explore the world through our eyes and with behaviors that allow us to learn, do and be.

These little "non-truths", created out of fear of some consequence, create a habit, that of doing and not saying. The big question is that there are no big or small lies, but just lies.

Living in lies is living dead

Lies corrode, use and kill inside. It is the despair of maintaining a facade for others and using masks to cover up what we think, feel or how we behave.

It is the weariness of always remembering what has been said and to whom, so as not to be caught. Lying requires greater use of memory and more attention to words. Forces constant vigilance and a constant state of alert. It tires, destroys, ruins the intimate, the values ​​and the principles, leading to mental madness.

Individuals are trapped, worn out, chained, sad and incomplete, as long as they feed on lies.

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Living in truth is living in fullness

To live in truth is to be complete, happy, free, without worrying about remembering what you have said and to whom. It is not possible to live on both sides, as so many people have tried for years. It is like abstaining from alcohol and drugs, but having self-destructive behaviors; or assert themselves as independent and financially dependent on parents.

The truth guides us towards healthy emotional growth that generates success: "Try to be a person of value, instead of being a person of success," said Albert Einstein.

Before obtaining something, be it financial, professional success or anything else, the person needs to be. Before having, we have to be. It is necessary to have very clear truths within you, so that the development of emotional balance is constant, evolutionary.

Emotional management must be done regularly, since every day there are external triggers that trigger our emotions to levels that can be suffocating. For example, if you get to work and we fire you, that causes anger, fear and insecurity. If the same day, you argued with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you stay even worse, perhaps close to the limit. These feelings have to be processed so as not to lead you to despair, depression, madness or death.

The importance of emotional balance

The mind is mysterious and complex. As such, you need care and a good dose of balance, otherwise serious psychological problems can arise. It is very important to develop cognitive balance by the parameters of truth, because many psychological problems stem from trauma, past frustrations, negative beliefs. An example of this is the case of depressive pathology, which has reached millions of people in the four corners of the world.

A life focused on the past, temporarily blocked, triggers mental uncontrollability. It is necessary to think correctly about the truths that surround us, evaluate whether or not they are our own truths and define objectives for the future.

You need to learn to anticipate all attitudes or behaviors that make you feel guilty, such as lying. You must live the truth, to avoid uncomfortable situations. And you should avoid behaviors that will never receive support from anyone. Behavior is something that expresses everything you have within you. If a tomato is squeezed, no orange juice comes out.

In the same way, inside you will always come out what is inside you. As such, your behavior is the mirror of your interior. If you feel angry, guilty, or frustrated, and if you haven't learned to process those feelings, those moods will affect your behavior.

Truth is externally important in developing the balance of feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and spirituality, because it is only possible to overcome a problem, illness, or crisis if we do not live in denial. Denying our current reality, what we have, what we are, what we feel, what we live, will totally block our change and growth.