Sentimental breakups


Romantic breakups are sometimes very intense and painful processes that most people have gone through at some point in their lives.

There are many ways of dealing with them, both for good and for bad, and that implies that in some people they can leave a very painful emotional mark due to the type of experience they have had in this process. In the most severe cases, this discomfort translates into psychological problems; This has to do with not being able to carry on with your life normally and having difficulties trying to start loving relationships with new people.

In order that these breaks do not generate such a strong impact on people's lives and can be overcome by anyone, in this article you will find a series of useful tips with which to overcome a sentimental breakup .

8 fundamental tips to overcome a couple breakup

Apply these guidelines to learn how to best manage the breakup.

1. Do not close in on yourself

As in any grieving process, in a sentimental breakup it is usually necessary to share the pain with other people , especially with the family circle or friends, who are usually also the one who has witnessed all the phases of the relationship since its inception.

Closing in on yourself and trying to overcome pain without outside help can backfire and create a much more painful situation. And it is that, with the support of the intimate circle of loved ones, the person will be able to overcome the emotional breakdown much more efficiently and in less time.

2. Accept and manage pain

The pain and suffering resulting from the breakup are perfectly normal feelings; They are a sign that in our lives there is a paradigm shift, since our day to day becomes very different, among other things. Therefore, the solution is not to actively try to block those feelings. .

It should be borne in mind that to overcome the breakup, we must accept negative emotions as something necessary to successfully complete the grieving process.

3. Look to the future

The feeling of suffering and intense pain of the first weeks after the breakup is usually accompanied by great nostalgia, a constant memory of the other person and an idealization of the past with him or her.

To overcome this phase, it is best to look forward and de-idealize the common past with the ex-partner . This can be accomplished, for example, by noting the feelings and beliefs that come to mind when thinking about the relationship that has ended, and analyzing those ideas from a critical point of view.

4. Understand the break

Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome a breakup because you do not know the causes of it, and especially if you yourself are not the one who decided to break up with the other person.

To overcome the breakup in a relatively short time and finally achieve a state of well-being and emotional balance, it helps a lot to have an explanation about the factors that triggered the breakup .

But it must be done without placing emphasis on the moral aspect of what happened: it does not matter so much who was to blame for what, but what were the signs that indicated the presence of serious problems in the state of the relationship. It is positive that, from time to time, we can think about these memories in a distant way, based on describing what happened.

Doing this helps to overcome the break because it gives it a constructive component, as it moves into a situation that favors learning.

5. Accept the facts

Another aspect that emerges from the previous one is that it is essential to accept the facts that have taken place in relation to this rupture. . You have to accept the will of the other person and ours naturally, and not try to recover it at all costs or feel bad for not wanting to be with them anymore, depending on the case.

6. Change of habits

A useful strategy is to change habits, to fully accept the change in lifestyle .

The acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits related to sports and sustained physical activity is especially recommended, since they help to get rid of intrusive thoughts and combat depressive and anxious symptoms.

7. Take time for yourself

Learning to be alone with yourself is essential after a romantic breakup . In addition to seeking the support of friends and family, it is also important to spend time alone to find well-being in yourself, rather than desperately seeking external stimuli so as not to think about the ex.

This aspect is of vital importance, because only by learning that happiness begins with oneself, we will be able to find it in other people as well.

But at the same time, you have to be careful about isolating yourself too much ; It is necessary to avoid spending long periods without hardly interacting with someone significant to us, since in a moment of psychological vulnerability, this can increase the risk of psychological disorders appearing.

8. Go to a specialized psychologist

Whether you have been able to overcome the breakup with your ex-partner on your own or not, it is highly recommended to go to a breakup psychologist to carry out a process of self-knowledge and personal growth .

With a specialist psychologist you can obtain solutions adapted to your specific case, more effective and lasting.

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