Sometimes it is an enthusiasm, sometimes an aspiration


Do something worthwhile for you. Undertake a change, an action or a project that you believe in and that adjusts to your values ​​and expectations. It does not matter that others do not understand it or that they do not see with good eyes that action you have in mind. Your dreams belong to you and only when we dare to put one foot in front of the other, motivated by our desires, do we achieve personal fulfillment.

Few facts seem so simple when proposing them and so complex when carrying them out. Let's admit it, many of us are a true factory of frustrated dreams. Throughout our lives, we set ourselves a hundred goals, a thousand goals and a million wishes that have remained in the air. Whether due to lack of determination or due to the fate, we all have longings that have remained in the pipeline.

Until the end, there comes a day when we say "my train has already passed". It is then when we settle forever on the platform of lost illusions when thinking that dreaming is indeed a child's thing. However, there are more roads and more platforms; trains never stop passing for those who continue to have hope.

Just move and reformulate projects. There will always be something capable of igniting curiosity and passion to launch us in other directions. And doing so can change our lives.

Sometimes, as the philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, what we find in that journey towards the achievement of a goal ends up being more revolting than the achievement of said objective. The secret is to dare, not to give up.

Do something worthwhile for you, clarify your purposes

Having purposes and knowing what is worthwhile for us at any given time, acts as an exercise in mental well-being. That feeling promotes that we do not lack the motivation to get out of bed and work for what we want. Now, if we lack it, if we are not clear about what is most important to us, we will experience what is known as "psychological discord".

This term defines a state that is frequently seen in therapy. They are situations in which people feel restless, unable to focus on something in particular. Nothing attracts them or gives them meaning. They start things, but they do not finish any (jobs, projects, emotional relationships ...) and it is common that they end up experiencing everything from anxiety to depressive states.

When they are told to "try to do something worthwhile to yourself" they feel unable to respond. There is a void, insecurity and in the end, it is always easier for them to do what others expect of them than to stop and clarify what they really want.

The lack of self-esteem has this relief and is usually behind these behaviors. It is necessary to promote a small internal revolution to change this type of state.

Work on your coherence, purposes and meanings

The University of Helsinki did an interesting job in 2006 by Dr. Frank Martela with a very special purpose.

Many of us talk about the need to have a vital meaning, to know what is worthwhile at a stage of our existence. However, that idea is usually so general that it is difficult to put it into practice and even respond to ourselves.

These were the keys that they offered us from this work to try to clarify it.

  • Be consistent. Dedicate yourself to those things that are in tune with your personality and motivations. What you do can never be different from what you feel; therefore, you must strive to take care of that coherence between values ​​and behaviors, between desires and actions.
  • Remember your purpose. Every thing you do must be goal-oriented, one that satisfies you. In this way, do not hesitate to monitor yourself whenever you can. What you have done today takes you where you want to go? Is the concern you have in mind now useful in achieving what you want?
  • Transcendence. This term is synonymous with meaning. It is a dimension in which we do not dwell too much on our daily lives. It consists of asking ourselves whether or not everything we do makes sense to us. Sometimes we lead a type of existence that is hollow with emotions and devoid of illusions. In those barren universes there is no transcendence. We are obliged to redirect our lives towards something that gives us true meaning.

Dare, do something worthwhile for you

Break patterns, cross fences and make your way in search of your vital meanings. Do something worthwhile to you, whatever it may be, however insignificant it may seem to you. Because sometimes great revolutions start with simple challenges, with priceless changes.

When we reason about a problem, we tend to use a simple and useful outline most of the time. This way of thinking is what is known as linear thinking.

In couple relationships there is always a certain degree of commitment and, of course, seeking the company of the person you love. However, some people have an excessive emotional dependence on their partners .