The 4 types of introverts: which one are you? video


Being an introvert for some of us is an incomprehensible phenomenon on many occasions. But, being an introvert is not a choice, it is a characteristic .

Although there are several already known definitions to refer to the term introvert , we usually relate it directly as the antonym of extrovert .

What many people do not know is that the terms introvert and extrovert were spread or popularized by CG Jung in his work "Psychological Types". In his case, these types or poles define one of the central axes of his theory of personality.

If we were to follow the social canon established for this personal characteristic , then we would be talking about a not very enthusiastic and assertive person , with little facility to develop in social settings. A bit of an ambiguous belief, right?

Although we are not aware of its exact definition for sure, it has been possible to identify several characteristics of this personality, showing that not all introverts are exactly alike. Through observation, psychology confirms 4 types of introverts depending on the characteristics that occur in each case.

What are the 4 types of introversion?

-Introvert reserved. They are those people who present more reflective behaviors. They tend to explore their thinking much more when speaking and acting. They do not usually have an impulsive character , needing time to feel confident within their social circle. This does not mean that they are uncomfortable. Their security is simply sustained by observing the particular group and then integrating.

-Introverted thinking. Similar to the previous one but with a tendency to be more introspective . Due to this characteristic, they are usually people who stay in their own personal world, moving away and immersing themselves in their thoughts, whether they are alone or accompanied by other people.

-Social introvert. They are those people who are affected by social relations. For this reason, they tend to prefer small groups with a tendency to desire total solitude or the company of a single person more. This type of introvert is the most common, being the characteristic that is repeated the most.

-Anxious introvert. In these people the feeling of anxiety is usually mixed with some social experiences, thinking that they are not suitable to function in groups of several people. They feel uncomfortable with other people due to a lack of confidence in their own personal abilities to relate to their environment.

Now that you know the different types of introversion , you will agree with me that being an " introvert" in a society that seems structured only for extroverts is still viewed as a bad thing. But according to Susan Cain , writer of the book "The power of introverts in a world that cannot stop talking" , confirms that approximately 40% of human beings partially present this characteristic (against 40% of extroverts and 20 % of "intermediate" people).

This situation leads us to ask ourselves the question: "Is getting noticed the only way to achieve success?"

Many people do not feel that it is so. I'd love to share with you the benefits of being an introvert , which make it easy for them to succeed:

-They are quiet and listen: When an introvert speaks, he does not usually do it lightly. Generally prefers to be quiet but present in the situation . You don't have to be afraid to intervene, but you don't justify breaking the silence without adding something beneficial to the conversation. This is appreciated, since we live in a society full of empty conversations, without empathy and lack of listening.

-They are committed and serious with their ideas.

-They are more sensitive: contrary to what we usually think, people who stay away and calm are not cold.

-Loneliness is your greatest treasure . For an introvert, loneliness means reconnecting and regaining energy. They do not usually feel alone, since their mind will be tuned to take advantage of the quiet time. Being isolated is your natural state, not depending on anyone else to achieve it.

It is true that extroverts and introverts have special common abilities. Do you want to enhance yours and detect some of your weaknesses? I encourage you to become aware of it and continue to grow as the extraordinary human being that you are.

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