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How many types of phobias are there?

First of all, what is a phobia? It is a type of anxiety disorder . Exaggerated and irrational fear of a given stimulus. It is not a simple fear since the answers given are totally disproportionate and uncontrollable .

For example, most people feel a tickling in the stomach at high altitudes. This occurs adaptively since we interpret it as a danger that affects our survival. As long as it does not interfere in our day to day, feeling that fear is completely normal and reasonable. The problem occurs when acrophobia is suffered and the fear is so intense that it generates great discomfort. When the mere fact of looking out the window of our house produces anxiety.

Although the origin of phobias is often due to a traumatic experience , they can also be caused simply by observing a negative and frightening situation.

It is practically impossible to determine an exact number of phobias . This is because any situation or object can cause fear or fear in people. That is why several types of phobias can be differentiated.


The social anxiety disorder or social phobia is defined as the fear that is caused to situations involving relate to others . Some types of social phobias are eating in public, speaking in front of a group of people ( glossophobia ), being observed and judged by others, looking into the eyes, ...

Human beings are social beings who need to relate to their peers. That is why this phobia is extremely disabling . The simple fact of recognizing it implies being ashamed and showing weakness to the rest.


Fears, fears and fears. Before situations, before objects, before animals,... Although the real danger that our fear originates is tiny, the interpretation that is made is tremendous. And what to do not to be afraid of spiders, for example? Simple, we avoid it without being aware of the tremendous mistake we make.

Specific phobias are divided into five subcategories: animal type (both large-scale and insects), environmental type (lightning, rain ...), blood-injections-damage type, situations type and other types .

Types of therapies for phobias

Antonio Gala (novelist) says that " fear resembles a well, that the more land is removed from it, the more it grows; and the darkness, that the bigger it is, the less it is seen ". That is, fear feeds on fear . Anyone with any type of social phobia or any of the specific phobias feels bad for understanding how "incongruous" their fear is and at the same time for not knowing how to avoid it.

That is why phobias are one of the main reasons for consultation . Psychological treatment is necessary for a solution to occur and the problem to go back . Among the most effective types of therapies for phobias we find:


When a negative experience is lived, either in the first person or simply by observation, phobias can occur. For example, if we suffer a traffic accident or we have simply seen a collision between two cars that has generated a great impact and that we have internalized, we may end up suffering from amaxophobia .

This therapy focuses on analyzing the stimulus or the feared situation (driving), along with the thoughts ("I am not able to take the car", "if I take it, I will surely have an accident") and derived behaviors (avoid taking the car increasing the fear suffered).

Once this is done and through cognitive restructuring techniques, exposure techniques and relaxation techniques, try to make the person face fear gradually.


What better way to overcome our fears than by facing them? Thanks to virtual reality and the use of new technologies , simulated sessions can be held in which each person realistically faces their fears . Exposure is generated in a controlled environment that provides security by learning to redirect and relearn adaptive responses .

Of course, these sessions are always carried out taking into account individual needs and characteristics and under the strict supervision of a specialized psychologist .

What kinds of rare phobias are there in the world?

As we said, there are as many phobias as feared stimuli . On the one hand, some are known by most people, while on the other hand, there are some types of rare phobias that go more unnoticed.

Among the types of rare phobias we can find tripophobia (fear of holes), nytophobia (fear of the night), brontophobia (fear of lightning), cynophobia (fear of dogs), turmophobia (fear of cheese), omphalophobia ( fear of the navels), ... And a long etcetera.

If you are afraid of the number 666 you may suffer hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia . If reading that word has put a knot in your stomach, you may have hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia or what is known as fear of long words.

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