Thought is the most libidinous part

The brain, oddly enough, is the most sexual organ. In fact, it is even capable of achieving orgasms while we are asleep. Has it happened to you? Do you know what are the mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon? We analyze it.

No one touches us, not even ourselves; however, the body experiences a surge of sudden pleasure as we are wrapped between the sheets... sleeping. Is it possible to have orgasms while you sleep? That sudden and pleasant sensation that arises in the dreamlike universe is called sleep-gasm and is, at least, an interesting subject.

About 90% of people know what we are talking about. However, it is still curious that the body is capable of achieving that climax without having contact with anything or anyone. It is only when the brain, which is busy with its nightly tasks while providing us with a restful sleep , decides to give us also (from time to time) a sudden moment of well-being because it so decides.

It is true that men start a little earlier in "this nocturnal world of wet dreams." It is during puberty when they discover for the first time what "night pollution" is, something that continues to appear in adulthood. For their part, women begin these dream pleasures a little later, also realizing that sleep is another most suggestive scenario for reaching orgasms .

However, how is this possible? Why are there people who can achieve climax in full night rest, but not with a sexual partner? We analyze it below.

Yes, it is possible to have orgasms while you sleep (and this is the explanation)

You don't have to be awake to feel pleasure . We cannot deny that sometimes the world of sex has its complications, that relationships have their unique challenges , ups and downs and problems. However, the fact of closing your eyes, falling into a restful sleep and ending up in a most sensual fantasy that ends in orgasm does not stop surprising us.

All this shows us once again that there is no organ more sexual than the brain . Physical stimulation is not necessary to feel pleasure, you do not need a sexual partner or an erotic toy, our thoughts, more unique dreams and deeper desires are enough.

We have an example of this in a study carried out by doctors Barry R. Komisaruk and Beverly Whipple, a work that was later collected in a book entitled The science of orgasm. In this research they showed that women manage to experience pleasure through thought, fantasy and mental images . What's more, the brain reacts the same way as in an orgasm produced by masturbation.

Enough with the mind and that sensational brain that shows us that it is possible to have orgasms while you sleep. Let us now know the biological mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon.

Pleasant dreams and the REM phase

Let's face it, few stages of sleep are as fascinating to us as the enigmatic REM ( Rapid eye movement ) phase . It attracts us because it is that moment of our nightly rest in which dreams arise are more intense and vivid

We don't know why this is happening, we don't know why we dream and why the brain is so active right at that moment, oscillating between abundant and unbalanced theta and beta waves. It is precisely this hyperactivity that causes this organ to require more oxygen; thus, blood suddenly flows more strongly through our body, obviously passing through the genital area .

As if that were not enough, the contribution of serotonin and dopamine rises , thus generating intense hormonal discharges that promote a pleasant sensation of relaxation and well-being. All this ends up making it easier for us to feel some excitement. If this feeling is also accompanied by stimulating dream images, we already have all the ingredients to enjoy our wet sleep.

It is possible to have orgasms while you sleep and not have them when you are awake

In this suggestive scene of the dreamlike and the sexual there is a particularity. It is possible to have orgasms while you sleep and not be able to reach them when you are with your partner. In fact, that is a common problem and an obvious clue that we may have a psychological problem that makes it difficult to fully enjoy sex .

Sometimes factors such as anxiety, worries, shame, insecurity with our body image put walls to the mind and quench the desire , suffocate the excitement and prevent fully enjoy those moments of intimacy. On the other hand, when we are submerged in our night rest and those psychological barriers fall, one can experience real pleasure, thus showing that there is no physiological problem, that everything is mental.

To conclude, wet dreams and those nocturnal orgasms show us perhaps something even more interesting. Sexuality is part of us, it is one more part of our biology , of our behavior, of nature itself. Furthermore, the fact that we can experience a sexual response only with mental images and without any other stimulation shows that we still have a lot to learn about our sexuality.

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