Who has a decision changes his life

He who has initiative changes his world and does not expect others to pave the way for him or lower the moon. In the end, we discover how decisive it is to dare and do things for ourselves. However ... where to start?

Taking the initiative is taking the first step to make an appointment with the person you like, but also being able to break the mold and start your own projects. Or be someone proactive and activate that social ability that combines enthusiasm, intuition, creativity and the will to anticipate things and overcome any difficulties.

Admit it... who wouldn't want all these features? Furthermore, is there anyone who has not ever been told that "what you lack is initiative"? Thus, and almost without realizing it, that word becomes a longing, that drive that one wishes to integrate into one's personality and behavior in order to achieve what it wants to happen.

Virtue, social ability, leadership ability, etc., we can define this dimension in many ways, but what is always evident is one aspect. There are those who have it and there are those who lack it . When we lack initiative, the reason for this usually lies in personal insecurity and also in fear. We fear failure, we are terrified of being exposed, exposing ourselves and others discovering that we are fallible.

However, there is one thing that is clear: between staying where we are and failing there is no difference. We continue in the same place, in the same territory, that in which nothing happens, where we do not advance socially or emotionally or laborly. Therefore, in case we want reality to improve and achieve what we have in our minds and hearts, we have to do it. You have to take the initiative.

Keys to take the initiative and achieve what you want

At some point in our life, we have experienced that feeling: that of wanting to do something and not knowing how or, simply, not daring. Asking our boss for a raise, telling someone we like, making a change in our lives, starting a new stage ... Taking the initiative requires more than courage.

Above all, it means having a disposition and an action plan . Because beyond what we can believe, the person with initiative does not improvise, he plans. Something like this undoubtedly requires fine-tuning proper cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes. Let us know a series of strategies that will allow us to learn to take the initiative.

Emotions tuned to the goal

There are emotions that will be disruptive and not facilitating. Taking the initiative often causes two very specific emotions to appear: fear and shame . We fear to fail and to expose ourselves. Those are going to be our worst enemies and as such we must deactivate and redirect them.

How? establishing a dialogue with ourselves to remind ourselves of what we deserve. It must be clear that fear and shame disable us as people, extinguish our potential and distort our identity. Instead, there is an exceptional emotion that always facilitates initiative: enthusiasm .

Plan, observe, seize the opportunity

Taking the initiative is not synonymous with jumping into the pool by counting three. Sometimes the pool can be empty and we can make a mistake that we could have foreseen.

  • Having initiative means taking into account the context, making future forecasts , observing the situation from different angles and designing a plan.
  • Let's avoid leaving anything to chance. To achieve what we want , luck can accompany us, but always keep in mind that luck is created by oneself with effort, work and originality.

To take the initiative, turn to allies and mentors who can help you

When creating the present and shaping the future we want, the responsibility in each process is ours. However, this does not mean that we cannot count on the help and advice of an expert. Surely in your environment there is someone who can put their part to facilitate a step.

What's more, you may have someone who has been through the same thing and can advise you. Keep an open mind , listen to opinions , take into account other perspectives to make the decision you create, gathering all the possible data.

Prepare the way, every great victory starts from small battles won every day

People with initiative do not improvise and they do not risk everything at the same time. That is to say, if I like a person I cannot launch myself from one day to the next to tell him what I feel. The work to conquer part of the daily seduction. There where to go earning someone day by day.

The same is true in any context. I can't ask my boss for a raise if I haven't shown him what I'm worth first . Nor can I make a radical change in my life if I don't close some doors and open others. The key is to go little by little and injecting each situation with charisma and ingenuity, demonstrating in each context what we are worth and what we are.

There will be times when we must step back. But doing it is good, it means learning something we didn't know, calibrating new options and seeing everything with a greater perspective to gain more momentum.

In essence, taking the initiative is not only about courage: it is about knowing how to plan, be patient and manage our emotions well so that we are inoculated with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. In this psychological ability or competence it is not useful to act on impulses, it is useful to act with reflexivity and intelligence.

We can all train ourselves to have greater initiative and thus lower the moon if it is what we want or create the life we ​​want.

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